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Dr. Jones' Ultimate Omega 3 Formula for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Jones' Ultimate Omega 3 Formula for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Jones' Ultimate Omega 3 Formula for Dogs and Cats: 100% Natural Antarctic Krill Oil

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Dr. Jones' Ultimate Omega 3 Formula is in softgel / gel cap format, and each softgel contains 500mg of Antarctic Krill oil. Choose a jar size below to see ingredients and more information about our formula.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are considered to be one of the most important supplements in Veterinary Medicine (Clinician's Brief). Dr Jones' Natural Krill Oil provides high levels of the important Fatty Acids, EPA and DHA, better absorption/bioavailability, WITHOUT the toxins now found in many Fish Oil supplements. It can help your dog or cat in a variety of ways, including:

  • Improve your pet's Skin: Omega 3 Fatty Acids may help the signs and symptoms of allergic skin disease
  • Aid in normal brain / cognitive function: Help maintain brain health and resilience to degeneration
  • Support normal Liver and Kidney Function
  • Support and maintain your pet's musculoskeletal system: Anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce swelling in joints
    May help improve movement and reduce pain
  • Relieve stress from anxiety & noise: May be a benefit for animals with diseases linked to anxiety, such as Separation Anxiety in Dogs, or FLUTD in Cats
  • Heart Health: Omega 3 supplements may help improve many heart disease risk factors
  • Maintain a normal functioning immune system: May help strengthen immune response in a weakened immune system, aid if immune system is overactive

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