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Healing Your Pets At Home DVD (with Inner Circle Membership) Zoom

Healing Your Pets At Home DVD (with Inner Circle Membership)

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Dr. Jones' Healing Your Pets At Home DVD: 90 Minute DVD Video on How To Examine, Diagnose and Treat Your Pet's Health Problems At Home.
Just pay the cost of shipping. DVD comes with a Free 1-Month Membership in Dr. Jones' Inner Circle that renews automatically every month. See more details below.

Also comes with the downloadable version of the video - FREE.

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    Dr Jones' Introduction to Healing Your Pets At Home
    - 90 Minute DVD Video -

    A $97.00 Value

    On this FREE DVD you'll learn the fundamentals of holistic dog and cat home health care. In the video, Dr. Jones demonstrates and discusses the most important aspects of at-home pet healing.

    The Video is a great way to learn how to start treating your pets at home with alternative healing modalities and methods.

    Healing Your Pets At Home DVD covers:

    • Background and discussion of the extensive Benefits of Home Pet Health Care - why YOU should start right away
    • Healing the Natural Way: how this can be better for your dog or cat
    • Basics of how to Care for your Sick Pet At Home
    • How and where to start at-home Healing, first steps you need to take
    • The At-Home Pet Health Exam - full how-to demonstration:
      • Where to perform
      • How to start
      • What areas you should focus on, and what to look for
    • Extensive discussion and demonstration of the most important at-home healing Modalities, including:
      • Neutraceuticals
        • Scientific Studies backing effectiveness
        • MOST IMPORTANT Nutraceuticals to give
        • How and when to use
      • Herbal Healing
        • Background and scientific studies
        • Safety precautions - important points to keep in mind
        • Best forms of Herbs to use
        • How to use and apply herbal remedies
        • Using Herbs for allergies and other diseases
      • Homeopathy
        • Theory and background
        • How to properly handle and give homeopathic remedies
        • Homeopathic remedies for injuries/shock, digestive issues, and more
      • Acupressure
        • Background and explanation
        • Scientific studies proving effectiveness
        • Basic application, proper technique
        • Charts of main Acupressure points for dogs and cats
        • Demonstration of 5 specific Acupressure points, for seizures, joint pain and arthritis, general health and wellness, and hip dysplasia
      • Pet Massage
        • Benefits of Massage, with scientific studies
        • Specific Pet Massage techniques - how to apply them and what health issues to use them for
        • Demonstration of therapeutic pet massage for back arthritis

    Included with your DVD order is the downloadable version of the video (mp4 format - playable on all systems/devices) - FREE.

    Dr. Jones' Inner Circle

    In addition to the DVD, you can also receive another FANTASTIC benefit - you'll automatically become a member of Dr. Jones' Inner Circle Membership site (Dr. Andrew Jones' Inner Circle), and get a One Month Membership at NO COST, that automatically renews at $9.97/month (US). See the tab "Dr. Jones' Inner Circle" for more information.

Dr. Jones' Inner Circle

    Dr. Jones' Inner Circle

    Here are just a few of the HUGE BENEFITS you'll receive as a member of Dr. Jones' Inner Circle:

    • LIVE Natural Pet Health Coaching EVERY WEEK!
      Every week you'll have exclusive access to my live group coaching sessions via Webstream.
      In these live sessions, I will give you the latest, emerging natural remedies you need to finally solve your dog or cat's health problems at home. That includes what natural remedy really is working now, precise step by step instructions, what not to do, what to feed, what not to feed, covering all aspects of holistic veterinary care.
      Plus, I will be answering any questions you have (which you will submit via our Livestream Question Form on the Inner Circle). And of course, every session is recorded so you get access to all replays, for as long as you remain a member.
    • Access to ALL of my current and past information in one place - my current YouTube Videos, Newsletters, Blog Posts and Podcasts.
    • A New Article on a current dog and/or cat health topic regularly, 2 - 4 times per month.
    • ACCESS TO ALL 80 of my previously recorded Pet Health Demonstration & Discussion Videos, available to you immediately (Acupressure, Massage, Cancer, Arthritis, and MUCH more - a total of 80+ separate demonstration and discussion videos , plus audio reports and interviews)
    • Dog and Cat Food Section (a selection of home diets, how to choose a quality pet food, and more!)
    • Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Online Edition - easily search for the answers you need in the online book
    • Pet First Aid Secrets, Online Edition - my Pet First Aid Manual, online
    • Previously Recorded Webinars and Teleseminars on multiple pet health topics
    • Huge Database of Previously Answered Questions - find answers right away!
    • Site Wide Search - search the entire site easily, find what you are looking for quickly (updated and improved!)
    • Articles - previously written articles on alternative as well as conventional veterinary care... over THREE HUNDRED articles on current pet health and behavior issues
    • Hundreds of pages of pet health care content (TOO MUCH TO LIST HERE)

    You can see the members-only login page here: Dr. Jones' Inner Circle - Members.

    After your first FREE month, the ongoing membership is only $9.97US per month, charged automatically to your credit card or PayPal account. And if you choose not to remain a member, simply log in to your account here and cancel your subscription (go under 'My Auto-ship Plans & Subscriptions' in your customer account), or send us an email and we'll cancel your membership for you, no hassles, no questions, any time.


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