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Dog Food Webinar with Dr. Andrew Jones DVM (Video) Zoom

Dog Food Webinar with Dr. Andrew Jones DVM (Video)

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Dog Food: What to Feed, What to Avoid, Plus Food that can Heal your Dog's Health Problems: 1 hour and 40 minute Webinar Video (MP4 format - Download).

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    • what are the best brands of food to feed my dog?... find out on the webinar.
    • my vet says continued feedings of this high protein diet will cause kidney problems in the future... do you agree?
    • is it ok to keep changing my dog's food, or should I stay on the same diet all the time?... get the answers here
    • if your dog has been diagnosed with liver disease, ensure that you are adding these supplements...
    • my dog constantly licks her paws, scratches her skin, and has been diagnosed with a food allergy... here's is what you need to know.
    • what diet (raw, home cooked from a vet recipe, natural grain free kibble/canned) is best for longevity in dogs?... get longevity diets on the webinar.
    • can my dog eat people food all the time, or am I harming her (at least according to my vet).. here's what's important to know.
    • picky eater?... how to get your dog to eat his food with these ingredients.
    • homemade diets... these are the supplements that you need to put in homemade dog food
    • overweight dog? some diets help, and some don't. here's what you should be feeding..
    • kidney disease in dogs... why it happens, and what diet you should be feeding.
    • recipes that heal. at home diet recipes for maintenance and disease prevention.
    • is grain free really as important as everyone is making it out to be? the answers are here...
    • dog with recurring ear infections? there are many options, but the foundation is diet - this is what you need to be adding.
    • does your dog gets soft stools or diarrhea?... there are things that you can add to stop it fast
    • what is the difference between chicken meal and chicken?...this is what's better to have in dog food...
    • do you have a dog with chronic eye tearing? little known nutrients which can finally stop this unwanted condition...
    • protein, fat and carbs... what should be in your dog's food, and what shouldn't, plus understanding ingredients in wet and dry food.
    • heart disease in dogs - there are specific nutrients that you can add to naturally treat this at home.
    • raw food: should you feed it, is it safe? plus, how to start feeding raw.
    • pet food manufacturing..what's important in a quality dog food, and the difference between baked dog food and extruded..
    • dental disease. this is the best food for keeping your dog's teeth healthy...
    • underweight dog? these can help stimulate your dog's appetite and get the weight back on...
    • diabetic dog? what diet to feed, what diet to avoid, and nutrients that can naturally lower blood sugar...
    • if you feed a commercial food, do you still need supplements?

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