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The Pet Food Recall Webinar (Video) Zoom

The Pet Food Recall Webinar (Video)

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The Truth Behind The Pet Food Recall: How To Prevent This From Affecting Your Pets: 2 hour Webinar Video (MP4 format - Download).

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    The Truth Behind The Pet Food Recall: How To Prevent This From Affecting Your Pets is a 2 hour Video recording of Dr. Jones' webinar on the Pet Food Recall of 2007. Basic price includes mp4 download only. To have it shipped to your door on DVD, simply check the box above (if you select DVD option, your order will include both the download as well as the DVD shipment).

    Topics covered in this webinar:

    • the signs of pet food toxicity: here is exactly what you should be looking for if your pet has consumed toxic pet food
    • what food was recalled and why? the complete list of every recalled food item, including the toxic items causing death and disease
    • why was the public not notified sooner? the real reasons why you have been kept in the dark about pet food deaths
    • the regulation on pet food... you won't believe just how little regulation goes into this 15 billion dollar industry
    • kidney disease as a result of toxic pet food... I give you everything you need to know about the alternate options for treating kidney failure
    • the Chinese herbal combination that has produced some surprising, effective results for pets with kidney disease
    • the precise at-home diets for dogs and cats with kidney failure
    • will these pet food companies compensate owners affected by the toxic food? they don't want to, but here is how you can get treated fairly
    • my safe pet food list... here is my complete list of commercial pet food that I feel is of premium quality and safe to feed your dog or cat
    • the making of a quality pet food: here are the 12 key criteria you need to look for in selecting pet food for your dog and cat
    • knowing what to avoid in pet food and exactly what to look for... here are the exact things I look for and what you should too
    • balanced and nutritious home recipes for dogs and cats... here are my top balanced home recipes that I advise feeding
    • raw food: a safe, advised option... here are many of the surprising health benefits of feeding raw
    • the home recipes that I feed my dog Lewis and my cat Cleo... if it's good enough for a holistic vet, it's good enough for your pet
    • making a raw diet... here are the step by step instructions for feeding raw to your dog or cat
    • what about supplements? here is what you really need to know
    • ensuring that this doesn't happen again... here is exactly what you should do to protect your pet, and ensure that this tragedy is never repeated

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