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Dr. Jones' Veterinary Secrets Affiliate Program


To get and/or generate your affiliate link(s), click 'Banners & Links'. View your statistics (traffic and sales generated) under 'Traffic Data'. Your current commissions balance is under 'Commissions'.

You are automatically included in all of our separate programs (see 'My Programs' for more information). You can opt-out of or re-join a specific program at any time.

You can see your Affiliate code below. You can either build your own links with your code, or go to 'Banners & Links'.

You can also get images with image URLs and store URLs you can use, here: affiliatebanners

Commission Payments

NOTE: We will not honor any self-affiliate sales (i.e. you ordering through your own affiliate link) - any such commissions will be voided.

Commission payments are made monthly via PayPal, on the 15th of each month (or the next business day), for the previous month's commissions. We will pay via check for larger commission balances (greater than $250) if requested. If you would prefer payment via check and would like to wait until your balance is high enough, contact the Affiliate Manager with your request. Otherwise, your commission balance will be automatically paid once minimum payout has been reached, on the regular payout day.

Minimum Payout is $50. To receive commissions, you must have an active PayPal account (update your paypal email account under 'Settings').

Tracking and Cookies

All affiliate tracking is completed via 'Cookies'. When a visitor clicks on your link and comes to the store, a tracking cookie is placed on their system (see more about cookies here), and if the visitor makes a purchase, it will be credited to your account. Affiliate cookies remain in place for 1 year.

Lifetime Commissions and Subscriptions / Auto-ship Plans

When a visitor orders through one of your links, any additional orders they make will be automatically credited to you (even if they arrive at the store through another link) - and that includes subscription based products. For every renewal of a client's subscription, you will receive a commission. We have clients who have remained on plans for several years - so you could potentially receive an ongoing commission for 1 sale for many years to come.

Terms and Conditions

Go here to read our Terms and Conditions policy.

If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please contact the Affiliate Manager.