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Over the years we've collected many, many testimonials from clients who've ordered Dr. Jones' books, courses, supplements, and for the videos on our membership site. You can view testimonials for Dr. Jones' new book, Veterinary Secrets: Natural Health for Dogs and Cats on Amazon through this link: Veterinary Secrets on Amazon.com

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Veterinary Secrets Revealed...


"... help her live 3 years after diagnosis of the cancer ..."

"The absolute best thing to help your pet be as healthy as they can be! I have had my dog on Dr. Jones' Ultimate Canine supplement for close to 3 years now. Her arthritis clear up like overnight when I began dispensing the supplement and has never reappeared! She has fought bladder cancer w/o surgery and while other holistic treatments have been used for the cancer Dr. Jones' supplement has no doubt played a large part of her overall heath to help her live 3 years after diagnosis of the cancer. My vet is actually pretty amazed as she gave my dog 6 months to live after first being diagnosed with the cancer. Thank you Dr. Jones!"

Judith Conigliaro, Michigan, USA
"... he doesnt limp anymore ..."

"Bonjour, I use Ultimate canin for my two dogs : one ( terrier de Boston ) has arthritis . Before using your supplement he limped (boiter) now he doesnt limp anymore so I give also Ultimate canin to my little Shistzu (prevention).

Have a good day and thank you very much for your product.


Janine Alfieri, Montreal, Quebec
"... coats are in excellent condition ..."

" I have used the canine supplement for several years. My dogs coats are in excellent condition which I hope means that their internal organs are in good shape too!! "

Betty Murphy, KY
"... the greatest supplement that I have used and recommend it to everyone ..."

"This is the greatest supplement that I have used and recommend it to everyone. It makes a huge difference in the dogs behavior health and attitude. He is 9 and thinks he is 1. A very large Dobie and he loves the stuff too. "

'Florence 'Teeto" Gleb, California
"... he has a better life because of it ..."

"My dog has stiff front joints (only 4 yrs. old) and he loves to runand play. The supplement helps him in his daily activities and I feel he has a better life because of it. Please continue your good work for all of us dog lovers! "

Shirley Yeager, Idaho
"... She is running around and jumping ..."

"I raise Yorkshire Terriers. I have one female that is 12 and was starting to show signs of arthritus in her back legs. She has been taking your supplement Ultimate Canine for about a year now and is doing great!!! She is running around and jumping and all of the things she used to do when she was younger. Now I give it to all of my Yorkies!! They love it. And I THANK YOU for creating it!!


Sue Smith, California
"... get compliments all the time about how shiney and soft thier coats are ..."

"I have two dogs....One is a terrier mix puppy mill dog that I adopted two years ago. When I first got her I saw that her coat was real dull flakey and dry. I started her on the supplement and probably withing 6 weeks I started to notice that it was making her coat shine and it felt really soft. My other dog is a shepherd mix and she too was a rescue with a bad coat. I get compliments all the time about how shiney and soft thier coats are. So I know that because I give Dr. Jones supplement everyday to my pets that is the reason for such good looking coats! My pupppymill dog also has arthritis and since giving the supplement I have noticed that she gets around just like any other pet without arthritis. I would recommend this to all pet owners! "

Carin Hellman, Black Creek, Wisconsin
"... They line up in wait as if I was giving them steak! ..."

" I have only just started giving the Ultimate Canine Formula Supplement to my 4 dogs. I was worried I would spend the money and they wouldn't like it. It's hard to please all 4 dogs. They LOVE this product! They line up in wait as if I was giving them steak! I'm excited to see the benefits now that I have found a beneficial product that they love. "

Donna Smith, Ontario
"... I believe Dr Jones supplement helped Mac live to such a good age ..."

" I had a Border Collie for 15 years and I believe Dr Jones supplement helped Mac live to such a good age. He went for walks right up until the last few months (it was winter and I thought the cold might hurt him) of his life but in the end kidney disease got the better of him. When I started giving him the supplement it took about a month before I could see a real difference in his everyday health. Thank you Dr Jones I'm sure your supplement gave Mac new lease on life. "

Gail Cruickshank, British Columbia
"... loved the flavor ..."

"My dog Gypsy loved the flavor and thought she was eating her favorite chicken soup. However; now that I found out chicken makes her itch and scratch really bad; I hope you will develop another flavor like beef or bison or lamb."

Karen Edwards, Brooksville FL
"... we noticed remarkable improvement ..."

"Dolly had less energy before taking the Ultimate Canine supplement. For the past two years or more we have added the supplement to her food. She has arthritis and is age 14. After taking the supplement we noticed remarkable improvement in her activities--especially in her walking gait and play. Instead of a limp or quiver her legs are straighter and appear less painful. We are truly happy in the results seen after giving Dolly the Ultimate Canine supplement. She definitely has more energy now!"

Donna Mae Baukat, California
"... the best there is ..."

"It's the best there is just would like it in different form or medium."

Nancy Harris, Cathedral City California
"... love the flavor ..."

"I have been giving my 7 year old Chihuahua and 6 year old Yorkie Ultimate Canine for several months. They love the flavor which is a great thing as they are picky eaters. I know that this formula is giving them what their bodies need to stay healthy and live longer. I also appreciate your insights in keeping our "children" healthy and happy. "

Frances Erickson, El Paso Texas, USA
"... have been improving and extending my senior rescue dogs' lives ..."

"I believe the immune support elements in your product have been improving and extending my senior rescue dogs' lives. "

Robyn Lee Wren, Calif
"... coats seem shinier ..."

" Both my dogs have been on the supplement for about two months. I've noticed that their coats seem shinier and they have tons of energy. "

Robin, Wisconsin
"... bouncing example of a dog on Ultimate Canine ..."

"I have been giving Peppi Ultimate Canine since he was 6 months mainly because of the dog food scare......he is 21/2 yrs. now......his coat is shiny..... his eyes are bright.....he is a healthy happysmart bouncing example of a dog on Ultimate Canine......Thankyou for your dedication to animals....... "

Donna Ogilvie, British Columbia
"... using your canine supplement for a couple of years with great success ..."

"I have been using your canine supplement for a couple of years with great success. I have a Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix. She's extremely finicky & hard to feed but she'll eat the supplement which I put on homemade food for her. I don't want to be without it. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. "

Sandra Short, Port Hadlock WA
"... very satisfied ..."

"I have used both canine and feline supplements for a couple of years and am very satisfied that I am providing complete nutritional needs for my pets. "

William Dodd Jr Pennsylvania
"... seems to be working like a fountain of youth ..."

" In only 2 mos. my 9 year old Morkie's coat has become shinier softer and almost tangle free. She suffered from arthritis and would grunt as she was getting up with me in the morning. Now I have to stop her from jumping off the bed as I don't want her to injure her tiny knee cap which slips out of place occasionally. My 9 year old cat's fur seems healthier too. I can't wait to see what the future will bring. It seems to be working like a fountain of youth... maybe I'll try a scoop on my cereal (lol). Thank you for your dedication and love for our furry families. I hope to meet you at Woof Stock.



Simone Hillier, Toronto Ontario
"... supplement is great cause it has everything in it ..."

"We have a King Charles Cavalier just turned three on Memorial Day have been giving him Dr. Andrew Jones Ultimate Canine Supplement about 2 & 1/2 years now & thankfully he has never been sick & only take him to the Vet for his shots & heartworm med. He is a smart dog alert lovable & has a beautiful & shiny coat!!! The supplement is great cause it has everything in it & don't have to bother with a lot of bottle of pills & he loves the taste of it! "

Mrs. David Ulianna, Hickory NC, USA
"... my 10 year old Collie is still running with my younger Collie ..."

"I have been using your supplement two years now and have found that my 10 year old Collie is still running with my younger Collie and manages to keep up with him. "

Jacquie Austin, Nottingham England
"... tumor reduced in size ..."

"My dog is 10+ yrs old Male Shih Tzu mixed. He has a gum tumor. I gave him other brand/product before. It doesn't shrink his tumor and yet making him lost a lots of weight. Since after giving Ultimate Canine. The tumor reduced in size. He also getting more active put on weight. "

Taimen, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
"... since we've used your supplement [urinary tract infections] are gone ..."

"Our 11 year old collie mix Lilly has suffered from CONSTANT urinary tract infections and since we've used your supplement they are gone!! I am so glad that you have come up with this formula! We are on our second bottle and I will continue to get it!! All 3 of our dogs have a beautiful coat and their shedding has decreased as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! "

Toni, Silver Point Tennessee
"... feel that these supplements have extended the lives of my dogs ..."

"I have 3 GSD and I have been using the Ultimate Canine Supplements for 3 years. I feel that these supplements have extended the lives of my dogs by keeping them healthy and away from the vet. Any injury the dogs have had are from playing too hard and pulling a muscle and they mend quicker by being on the supplements. "

Catherine Mawdsley, Mill Bay B.C.
"... dog seems to be doing well on this supplement ..."

" I like the contents in your supplement feed as it's comprehensive & my dog seems to be doing well on this supplement. This is my 1st dog a male maltese & I adopted him about 3 years ago - he's about 7 or 8 years old & he used to vomit & have diarrhoea bouts very frequently & only gained about 0.5kg in my 1st year with him. He still has vomitting bouts the vet thinks he has a reflux problem but it's less frequent now and the dog is now about 1.8kg heavier than his original weight of 3.2kg. "

Rose Toh, Singapore
"... almost immediately an increase in vitality ..."

"My golden retriever Max has been on your canine health mixture for about 2 years now but I noticed almost immediately an increase in vitality and more importantly his coat is shiney and full. No more dry skin or itchy spots. Also I recently rescued another golden and she was a mess when I got her with bad skin sores on her leg and some other maladies. 2 weeks on the canine formula has her coat looking great and her sores healing.

thank you Dr. Jones for caring. "

Joseph Cipriano, California
"... has been thriving on this supplement and he enjoys the taste ..."

"Dr. Jones Canine Formula is the BEST--Our chow-shepherd mix Shadow has been thriving on this supplement and he enjoys the taste. I have seen nothing but superb advice and products from Dr. Jones. My thanks!"

Donna Beimler, New York USA
"... been feeling A1 ..."

"I have been using the Canine Supplement for a few years now. I have a 6-year old 120 lb. German Shepherd and always worry about the hip problems that they usually face. So far he has been feeling A1 and I believe that the vitamins that I get from DR. Jones have a lot to do with it! "

Natalie Jacobs, Stamford CT
"... after a while on the supplement his blood work came back really good ..."

"I have been using your supplement for over 3 years now and have seen a lot of changes in my Chihuahua's for the better. One had crystal's in in his urine and they are gone now and another had Kidney problems and after a while on the supplement his blood work came back really good. I well continue to give my dogs your supplement and tell other dog owner's about it. "

Roberta McKenna, Abbotsford British Columbia
"... notice that her coat was alot more shiny and softer ..."

"When I was using the supplement for our beagle I did notice that her coat was alot more shiny and softer. Plus she seemed to have an abundance of energy although that could be because of her breed. But her overall health has been very good with no serious issues. "

Troy Foote, Ontario
"... lots of energy ..."

"My dog Leia has lots of energy when using the product and her fur coat is so shiny. "

Adrienne Fitzpatrick, New York
"... showed improvemet with your product ..."

"The dog supplement is wonderful and my beagle who has had problems with her back legs showed improvemet with your product. My other Dobie/shepard mix luckily has no problems right now but I am hoping the formula would prevent any from cropping up! "

Jean Burkhardt
"... noticed many POSITIVE changes ..."

"My pets LOVE this supplement and wait for it to be added to their food. I have noticed many POSITIVE changes in my dogs....less scratching better coats and clearer eyes as compared to their litter mates. I never hesitate to tell others about the importance of this supplement proper food and how much I learned from the web site. "

Kate Mergler, Ohio USA
"... highly recommend Dr Jone's supplement as the only one you would most likely need ..."

"I use Dr Andrew Jone's Canine Formula pretty regular so can see the difference that it makes. When I went without it her coat lost its luster and shine. And I do feed only the best I can afford in holistic foods.

With Dr Jone's supplement her coat shines and is quite soft to the touch. I have the assurance then that it is also providing the nutrients that the inner body requires for proper health and functioning. I feel more confident that her kidneys and liver is getting what they need for a healthy long life. The pet health shops as well as online pet health products that I have visited do not carry as many nutrients in such large variety in just one bottle; in fact they sell less for the same or higher cost. I highly recommend Dr Jone's supplement as the only one you would most likely need.

It even contains cancer fighting mushrooms the same kind people use from health food stores only in amounts required for our non-human friends. "

Lillian Voigt, Oregon
"... is now walking and even running around ..."

"Your feline supplement is the first and only supplement of any kind that my cats have actually eaten. Many available supplements promise great benefits to your pets health but how can they if the animal simply will not eat it? My cats actually jump up to the counter when I am preparing their meals and adding the scoop of supplement to the dishes and start licking the supplement powder off the food before I can mix it into the food. Another of my cats is forever trying to stick his head into the jar when I open it attempting to get a lick of the supplement right from the source! I have spent so much money on a great many supplements hoping for just some improvement but the cats know something has been added and stubbornly refuse to even taste the food then. Adding this supplement 'Dr Jones Ultimate cat supplement' to their meals every day has changed my cats coats into the soft silky shiny coats I thought only those who showed their cats in cat shows knew how to get! I thought it was a secret from bathing and shampooing frequently and therefore out of my reach since my cats do not care for a bath!

As for the canine ultimate canine supplement my little dog who came as an obviously neglected animal for apparently his entire life has been transformed. He had so many issues worst of all was his terrible arthritis. I really feared his end was near when some days he could not even take a couple steps without falling over. He has been on medical treatment for a year at least with no real improvement. Adding the canine ultimate supplement has given him a new chance. He is now walking and even running around playing with the cats he jumps and one can see he clearly feels much better he looks happy! Dr Jones supplement really saved his life. He still runs more like a rabbit he hops and sometimes seems to walk crooked or lopsided but still at least he is once again mobile and obviously enjoying his life again. Additionally his problems with hemorhagic colitis have stopped and he has normal bm every day. No more diarrhea no dripping of blood he even started to put back on a bit of the weight he lost. Now this stuff is truly a miraculous life saving nutraceutical and not just for my dog but for others I have told about it as well. "

AJ Hubeny, Connecticut
"... sure that your supplement is the right way ..."

" My eight year old Pom is on your Ultimate Canine supplement. She is a very busy dog and loves to go for car rides. She jumps up on the chairs and is just a healthy dog who loves going for walks. I am sure that your supplement is the right way to go for her. "

Denise Peebles, Salmo B.C. Canada
"... our two dogs are very healthly ..."

" We have used your vitamins for about two years and our two dogs are very healthly. They have very rarely been sick and are full of energy. Your health materials are very beneficial.

Thank You so Much Dr Jones."

Cheryl and Jeff K, Manitoba
"... on retesting his levels were normal...no more anemia ..."

" I have a 16 year old Chinese Crested named Stuie. He's been anemic for the past few months and hasn't been able to take any iron supplement due to his older sensitive gut. Jean Dodds did the initial blood work on him then retested him again 2 months after being on your supplement. The only difference in his diet was to add Ultimate Canine daily. Much to our surprise and delight on retesting his levels were normal...no more anemia. Thank you for this exceptional product. "

Jan M., Los Angeles CA
"... has a beautiful coat and she is very active and full of vitality ..."

"My female German Shepherd has a beautiful coat and she is very active and full of vitality...since we have given her Dr. Jones' supplements. "

Stephanie Blake, Toronto Ontario
"... become a happy and problem free dog ..."

"My Two dogs a Siberian Husky and Siberian Husky/Elk dog mix were on the Dog Supplement for two years. They passed on at 17 and 17+ due to old age. Both dogs benefited a lot from being on the supplement and did not suffer from any serious illness.

I now have a rescue dog from Romania who is doing extremely well on Dr Jones' Ultimate Canine dog supplement.

Astro came to our home two months ago and was overweight and had an irritating eye infection. He has lost weight quickly and his eye infection has improved greatly. He has also become a happy and problem free dog with much more energy during this short period of time on the Ultimate Canine dog supplement.

I am extremely satisfied with this product and warmly recommend it for any dog."

Coralie Nellhard, Kalmar Sweden
"... started having a bit of a spring in her step ..."

"At first I was skeptical of your supplement. However when my old girl (12 yrs.old) started having a bit of a spring in her step I figured it had to be the addition of your supplement to her food. She has a pretty good coat as well. Has issues with her vision and hearing but don't we all....LOL

My very vocal senior felines also enjoy your supplement. Of the three only one seems not to tolerate the full dose so I just cut back. He seems to be doing ok now. All have nice coats good appetites and still like to play a lot. Can't ask for better. "

C. Dubois, Ontario Canada
"... quit chewing her paws and her hair grew back ..."

" My dogs seem to feel better the eldest quit chewing her paws and her hair grew back. They have more energy and appear to feel good. "

Beverly Stapley, Washington State
"... have been able to take him off the Metcam ..."

"I just started Max on your supplement about 2-3 weeks ago. I was giving Max Metcam for his pain. He has a spiked/fused spine and has been having difficulty climbing up the stairs. He also has muscle spasms. He is still labouring going up the stairs BUT... I have been able to take him off the Metcam! What a relief!...I can hardly wait to see what the other benefits will be as time goes on. I'm hoping his muscles spasms with stop. Thank you so much Dr.Jones. I am so very greatful. "

Marianne Ferenczy, Ontario
"... teeth and gums are healthy ..."

"Ultimate Canine has been given to Bayley (now 2 years old) in her evening meal ever since she was 6 months old and I found your website. She is strong has a good coat is full of energy play and love. Her teeth and gums are healthy eyes bright ears clean and pink and she has a good appetite. In addition to your Ultimate Canine we follow your advice regarding vaccinations flea and tick protection etc. Thank you Dr. Jones for sticking to your 'guns' and allowing us to raise our pets naturally.

Sincerely, Virginia Rossuck, Bayley's 'Mom' "

Virginia Rossuck, New York USA
"... 18 yr old mix ... is running around like a pup again ..."

"I have started to use your Ultimate Canine supplement for my 4 dogs. I truly believe it is working. One of my dogs was limping as she had a ACL injury 4 years ago now after 4 weeks with the supplement and confinment the limping is gone and she is back to her crazy self. I also have a 18 yr old mix and he suffered two stokes with your supplement he is running around like a pup again.

Thank you. "

Meredith Marks, Sunrise Florida
"... This formula is teriffic ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones: Received my order for the Ultimate Canine Health Formula this week and I am amazed. Bree (my 5 year old Shih Tzu) will finally eat her dog food (when adding a scoop of this) - something she has not been willing to do since I rescued her (at 1 1/2 Years Old). In order to get her to eat (1 cup a day), I have had to put some cooked meat in with it and all other kinds of food. Now when I put her food down in the morning and evening, she gobbles up every bit of it immediately. Had I not seen this with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. This formula is teriffic.............thanks so much."

Marilu Way, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania
"... after a week he was back to himself with ease of jumping up as he has always done ..."

"Dr. Jones,

I wanted to let you know that after many months of providing the dog supplements to my two dogs, I discontinued due to cost. Times are difficult and I had to pull back, however I noted that my Maltese suddenly was not using his right hind leg. He would sit down as if to say, I'm okay, and then get up and run around on 3-legs. I examined him and found nothing wrong, no sound or wincing with movement. He would get better then would begin limping. No longer was he able to jump up at all, even something 12" off the floor and has always been easy for him to do. I then decided to give the supplement a go, and after the first dose he was better and after a week he was back to himself with ease of jumping up as he has always done. So I'm back on them again and can see a difference in both dogs.

Thank you for such an excellent product and I'll have to make sure to make sure to put it in my budget.

Best Regards,"

Donna Jo Talbott, Ohio
"... after only 7 days, he started growing the hair back and is itching less ..."

"The product is doing great, one of our dogs has been itching for a very long time and begin losing hair. after only 7 days, he started growing the hair back and is itching less as each day he has it. I will now put our other dog on this formula and keep them on it.

thank you"

Che'rie Nelson, Minnesota
"... After taking your supplement for about three days, he just stopped scratching ..."

"Hi! I'm writing from the Philippines. I just want to say how happy I am (and my dogs happier) with your Ultimate Canine Formula. My lhasa apso has been suffering from severe allergies and yeast infection for many years. I've tried everything-- from transfer factor, to kefir, to omega fatty acids, to probiotics but nothing seemed to work for him. Antihistamines help but they make him drowsy. After taking your supplement for about three days, he just stopped scratching. It worked that fast. His eyes are also brighter and he has so much energy. I'm glad I finally found a product that works.

Best regards,"

Monica S., Paranaque City, Philippines
"... has so much energy ALL THE TIME and he doesn't give any indications of suffering from any of the Lupus symptoms ..."

"I want to say how very pleased I have been with the canine supplement. Our male Corgi, Little Joe, was diagnosed with Lupus when he was two years old. We were broken hearted and started him on antibiotics and steroids....to our dismay, Little Joe gained about twenty pounds and he continued over a year with break outs on his nose and would very often chew his front paw to the state of being raw. I found your supplement on the internet and thought that I would try it on Little Joe rather than having to treat him with prescription meds. Little Joe has only had one very small break out on his nose in the full year of having given him the supplement and he rarely chews his front paw any more. Although he is still over weight, he has so much energy ALL THE TIME and he doesn't give any indications of suffering from any of the Lupus symptoms. I am a believer in the supplement and will continue to give it to Little Joe (and our other little Corgi, Samantha).

I truly thank you and hope the best for your future works."

Tanya Goode, Surprise, Arizona
"... dog used to be dragged out for a walk but now he is straining at the leash ..."

"The canine supplement seems to be working wonders I bought it for my daughters dog and she was very sceptical. She said 'Of course he would say all those glowing things about his product!!!' But guess what- a few days after giving Jasper the supplement, my son-in-law was amazed and on the phone raving about it. He said that the dog used to be dragged out for a walk but now he is straining at the leash. They were talking about him being on his last legs and would soon die. I found that very sad.

Thank you for giving him a new lease of life."

Jo F., South Lanarkshire, UK
"... just had her 9th birthday last month and is trying to be a puppy again ..."

"Hello Dr. Jones...

My little girl Missy is doing so well on the Ultimate Canine Formula...She has been taking it about 2 weeks now seems to be a much happier dog...She just had her 9th birthday last month and is trying to be a puppy again... I still have over a half of jar of this supplement but will order again when she needs more...Thanks so much for your formula as it really works...I am so happy my little girl is once again lively...She seems to be out of her pain from arthritis...

My best to you,"

Jeri Haag and Missy, Kentucky
"... perkier just 1 week after being on the supplement ..."

"Believe it or not, my 17 year old husky shepherd mix has started to be a little perkier just 1 week after being on the supplement. This is not my imagination, as my husband reported this and he didn't even know I was giving Murphy the supplement. Thanks for a great product!!"

Stacey Wilson, Florida, USA
"... runs & barks like he was when he was young! ..."

"Hi, my dog, a miniature Schnauzer, 11 years old, was getting where he could hardly get up & down stairs, & n ow he runs & barks like he was when he was young! Thank you so very much for your canine supplement!

God bless you,"

Trish Haith, Nebraska
"...has worked wonders for my two Labs..."

"Hi Dr. Andy,
The supplement you sent has worked wonders for my two Labs. They both love to go on walks and play ball on a daily basis but I really had to limit their play time because Louie would start limping and then could barely move around. Since I started using the supplement, Louie has been much more active without any side affects. It's almost as if he lost three years and is back to being a young four year old again.
Ginger, also, has shown signs of more energy and both dogs love the taste of their kibble with the addition of the supplement. It works!

Thanks Doc!"

John Brown
Redwood City, CA
"...My vet was astonished..."

"I love Dr. Jones' Ultimate Canine Health Formula, and have sung its praises to my veterinarian and the owner of my doggie day care. It worked miracles when my dog contracted oral papillomas at her overnight kennel. I began using this product right away, and within one week the warts were completely gone! My vet was astonished. She shared with us that this virus would typically take one to five months to regress. Truly amazing. Additionally, my dog loves the flavor. My husband and I decided to use it at dinner time, and she gets visibly excited when we take out the canister.

Fantastic Product."

Colleen Seeley, MN
"...eyes were clear and no more staining..."

"My Maltese has allergies which usually affects just one eye, making the white area turn red, weeping occurs which stains the hair a rusty color. I've tried many things in the past to reduce this redness but all of my Maltese have had this condition. I found that when he was started on the dog supplement, his eyes were clear and no more staining! This month I ran out of this supplement a few days before the order arrived and his eyes were red again! To my surprise, after just ONE dose, his eye was cleared up with no weeping! Both he and my collie are doing beautifully on it and I don't even consider stopping.

Thanks so much for this product!"

Donna Jo, Oregon
"...I attribute her 'comeback' to your supplement..."

"I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your supplement and what wonders it can do. We foster rescue dogs, many from puppy mills, who have had an absolute horrid start in life. Right now we have 6 dogs and I use your economy size.

Just as an example of what this supplement does....we have a little crippled yorkie who is now going on 14. She has liver failure, kidney disease and cataracts and has had tumours removed from her abdomen prior to her coming to us. She was literally at death's door a couple of times since she arrived, and I tried every possible expensive holistic canned dog food to get her to eat, but to no avail. The last resort was to cook for her so she now eats only cooked chicken, cut up very fine. I added rice, but she left every grain of rice and only ate the chicken and juice. I added a large scoop of your supplement to her home-made chicken and she gobbles it right up. Our vet says 'give her whatever makes her happy at this stage of her life'. Her eyes are brighter. Even though her little body is twisted and deformed from her rough treatment in the mill, she can still gallop through the back yard with the best of them. I attribute her 'comeback' to your supplement. Thanks a million...."

Patti, www.loyalrescue.com
"...her allergies are almost gone..."

"Good Morning,
I have an eight year old Great Pyrenees with horrible allergies. I have tried many things in the past but nothing seemed to work. I had been reading about the Ultimate Canine Health Formula and decided to give it a try. I have been amazed with the results. I have had her on it for about four months now and her allergies are almost gone. She also gets around so much better and at times acts like a puppy. I can tell that she feels so much better now. I have been telling everyone that I know that has dogs and cats about it.

Thank you,"

Lisa Kelley
Plano, TX
"...the constant itching didn't stop until she was given your dog supplement daily..."

"Dr. Andrews,
Just a note here on the itching blog. When I brought my 2-year old collie to my home last year she itched herself continually. No fleas but it is a dry climate. I did put her on Omega III pills which helped, but the constant itching didn't stop until she was given your dog supplement daily. She has silky hair, and other than shedding out this past Spring, no extreme hair loss. Both she and my Maltese love the supplement and never miss a dose.
Thank you for such an excellent product."

Donna Jo Talbott
La Grande, OH
"...It works MIRICLES!....."

"Dr. Andrew Jones, I have had my dogs on your supplement for about 4 months. It works MIRICLES! We live in Louisiana and fleas are a serious problem here. NOT with my dogs, ever since starting your supplement no fleas no flea medication, just beautiful itch free happy dogs. Thank you so much! "

Cathey and her girls!
Mandeville, Louisiana
"...with as little as 4 days my dog has been walking faster, happier and playful than ever....."

"I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! The Ultimate Canine Health Formula has worked wonders for my 14 year old doggie. I have seen improvement the very first week he started taking it. My dog is recovering from his stroke he had 8 months ago, took him to the vet, costing me a fortune and stress for us and my dog. I was told he might not have a chance to make it or I may have to decide to put him to sleep. The alternative was to get him operated which would cost me almost $4k, yet that would not be a guarantee. Well, to make the long story short I've been researching other alternatives to home remedy and alternate healing. I have been doing all I can to cure and maintain my dog's health. My dog did not have any appetite, lost half of his weight, constantly dizzy, vomiting, wobbling, walking in circles and falling down. After 4 months, he had a 2nd stroke, fell and rolled down the backyard stairs yet he managed to get up and crawl up all the way to his room. I was very devastated and broke down in tears after finding out what happened while I was at work.

I share this story because I want to let you know how grateful I am for "Ultimate Canine Health Formula", in fact, my husband asked if you have an "Ultimate Canine Health Formula" for people. Lol!

I've since been giving him vitamins, healthier food (organic, mixed vegetables, etc), cleaning his ear with apple cider vinegar 50/50 diluted with water, and so on. He's gotten way better. However, his energy has not been the same. He's been slow and not himself. I figured It takes time for him to adjust. After finding Dr. Jones' Ultimate Canine Health Formula, I mix it with his food and with as little as 4 days my dog has been walking faster, happier and playful than ever. He's back to his attentive ways, running down and up the stairs and just 3 weeks he tried to climb up on my SUV, and right there I knew I got my best friend back.

Thank you so very much and continue your work to help our four-legged furry friends.


Evelyn D.
Vallejo, CA
"...Your supplement has done wonders!..."

"Dear Dr. Jones, I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I purchased your supplement for my Chihuahua who has been having bouts of tummy pains for the past year! I have been back and forth to the Vet (Thank goodness I have pet insurance) and they have helped but it was short lived. Your supplement has done wonders!!! I am totally amazed! I started him off slow as you suggested, and I stiil don't give him a lot but I have seen such a difference in his overall health! I think in the past month he had one bout of tummy pains but it was short lived! He is doing so much better and I can't wait to tell my Vet! I think they would be interested in your product, so if you would like I can give them the info!

Thank you so much for getting my Yankee feeling better! We are going to welcome another pup to our family in a few weeks, so I will definetely order more of this for her in the future! Thank you again, what a great product!


Debra Monaco
Mount Kisco, NY
"...doesn't exhibit as much stiffness from arthritis as before...
...when examined the vet exclaimed what great shape Gwen is in!..."

"Our two male Labs are on Innova dog food and our female on Chicken Soup for the Senior dog. All 3 three are on Dr. Jone's supplement. Since being on it our female who will be 11 in August doesn't exhibit as much stiffness from arthritis as before. The boys are black in color and their fur shines and is silky smooth. Our female is a yellow Lab so the sheen isn't quite as noticeable but she is quite healthy for 11 y/o and we are hoping she will be one of those Labs who live longer than most. She is so sweet and good. On top of the dry kibble and supplement they are also fed carrots, apples, bananas, peppers, spinach, yogurt. Needless to say all three are very healthy and content!"


"Again, in an earlier email my almost 11 y/o female Lab hasn't limped from her arthritis since being on the formula and isn't as stiff when getting up! She was in to the vet a couple of weeks ago to get her rabies shot and when examined the vet exclaimed what great shape Gwen is in! Between Innova and the canine formula and two active 2 y/o male "brothers" she is in excellent shape for a Lab that age. I owe much thanks to Dr. Jones for his formula because I think that helped tremendously. We were about to put her on glucosamine and chondritin when we discovered the canine supplement. Thanks for such a great supplement! Nothing pleases us more than seeing our dogs happy, healthy and content."

Ginny R
Bear, Delaware
"...now she is healed..."

"Hi Dr. Jones,
I found out in February my Bichon Chloe was diagnosed with colitis. I started to cook rice & organic Beef & rice with organic chicken plus your Formula & now she is healed. Thank you Dr. Jones! Keep up the good work! I told My friend Faith Shain about your Formula & she ordered it too for her Dogs. Thanks again!

Kind Regards,"

Hilde Stramowski
Waukesha, Wisconsin
"...has now been walking a little further than he has in the past..."

"I have had my two little dogs on this formula for a couple of weeks. I have a little Yorkie who will be 14 years old in May and has suffered from chronic skin and enviormental allergies since puppyhood. These allergies would get so bad he would scratch excessively and then run and hide in his kennel. My vet at the time put him on a medication that was part antihistimine and part steroid. When he was approximately 7 years old he suffered an almost fatal attack of pancreititis. This was the only medication that offered him any sort of relief and I thought I would have to put him down as I couldn't stand to watch him suffer the way he was. I then found a very caring vet who practices both the conventional and alternative therapies. She started him on some homeopathics and Chinese herbs. It has taken approximately four years to get to the place he is at now. He seldom scratches and is much happier.

When I saw Dr. Jones's Ultimate Canine Formula I thought I had to try my little guy on this. In just two weeks we have been able to start reducing some of his other medications and he seems to be responding quite well to the fomula. When I go for walks with him and my little Yorkie-Shih Tzu I usually take him in his doggy stroller. He has now been walking a little further than he has in the past. At this point I am just happy he has not had any negative response to the formula and some positive results. I also put my little girl on it as she has bad teeth and I am hoping it will help her with this. I believe this formula can do nothing but good with all the wonderful ingredients. I love my little dogs dearly and there is nothing I wouldn't do to make sure they have a happy healthy life. Thank you again Dr. Jones for creating such a wonderful formula.


Barbara S
Victoria, BC
"...no more gas and his stomach is quiet again, and he hasn't thrown up..."

"My dog is a Yorkie and is 3 years old. Winston had a digestive problem. His stomach was always making noises, and he had a lot of gas. He also threw up a lot. Not alot really, like 2 times a week. Since I have been giving him this formula of yours, has no more gas and his stomach is quiet again, and he hasn't thrown up at all in 3 weeks. He does have a lot more energy too. Thank you. I usually don't order stuff like this online but this woman Sharda Baker seems to know her stuff and she recommended you. I am very satisfied with your product, and will order more. Its nice to buy and use a product that actually does what it says it will. Thank you."

Tom Cox
Levittown, Pennsylvania
"...has the energy of a puppy, has beautiful silky fur..."

"I feed Gus, my Yorkie, your supplement and he loves it. He is five-years-old and has the energy of a puppy, has beautiful silky fur, has a muscular body and, best of all, he has a healthy appetite. Thanks, Dr. Jones, for your stellar supplement. "

Sylvia, Gus and Skye (parotlet, who also loves your supplement too - he eats Gus' food and is really healthy!)
Victoria, BC
"...very happy with the effects of the supplement on my 9 year old poodle..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,
I am very happy with the effects of the supplement on my 9 year old poodle Billy. He has arthritis and he is having acupuncture sessions. He is now very well, doesn´t have pain anymore. Also he became much more happy, he seems like having one year old, playing and running and catching his ball. I think that the acunpuncture and the formula together were the best for him.


Maria Tereza Murray
Sao Paulo, Brazil
"...Thank You for improving their lives and making them much happier and healthier..."

"I must tell you Thank You for developing your Ultimate Canine Health Formula! I bred and raise Yorkshire Terriers and if you've ever had a Yorkie, you know how pickey they can be!! Especially with food. One day they love it, the next day they look at you as if to say "You want me to eat THAT!!!" Your formula has been fed to my dogs daily for over a month now, and they still will eat it stratight out of my hand if I offer it to them that way. I have a 10 year old female, that has become much more inclined to play. Two 8 year olds tht have started playing in their normal brother/sister manner. And I could go on. So Thank You for improving their lives and making them much happier and healthier!!"

Hesperia, California
"...My Collie has not had any seizures since starting this..."

"Just letting you know that both my Maltese and Collie love this product. It helps to give them one item covering many things they need. My Collie has not had any seizures since starting this and she had been having them routinely, once a month. I'm grateful for this support as I stay away from traditional medications preferring alternative for both my animals and myself.
Thank you for such a wonderful product."

Donna Jo
La Grande, OH
"...10 year old female that has started acting like puppy again...."

"Dear Dr. Jones,
I just read your 7 signs of why your dogs need your suppliment and would like to comment. My furkids, Yorkies, have not shown any of your signs of needing it, but I've bought it anyway (for other reasons). My guys LOVE it and are doing remarkably well on it. I have a (spayed) 10 year old female that has started acting like puppy again. She plays non stop with the others. She used to play for while and then quit. Now, she chases them all over the house!! She and 2 others, both spayed, both 8 years old, one male and one female play with toys for hours.
I just wanted to say Thank You for this suppliment. I have tried other things and my dogs either wouldn't eat it or showed no signs of improvment while on it, So Thank You!!!
I do wish though, that you'd make a dog treat with it in it. Or give me a recipie for one!! I thik dogs would love them!!!"

Sue Smith
Hesperia, CA
"...My 12 year old female duck toller, who is a rescue and has arthritis now runs and is pain free..."

"I have been feeding a homemade cooked diet (potatoes, carrots, peas, spinach, squash and various organic proteins to vary like fish, chicken and occassionaly lamb) to my dogs for years and they are in fantastic shape. I also add vitamin C, brewers yeast, glucosamine and calcium to their diets. I decided to try your supplement but to be honest was skeptical. Here are the results:

My 12 year old female duck toller, who is a rescue and has arthritis now runs and is pain free. She climbs the stairs with ease and sleeps peacefully. She is far more energetic and happy. I have had her for a year and even her teeth are healthier. I know that is hard to believe but true! My 11 year old Lhasa Apso has even more energy. He runs in the dog park tirelessly causing many dog owners to be shocked when they learn of his age.

TEST: As a test, I had run out of the supplement for about 3 months. I continued with my supplementation but the older dog had difficulty doing the stairs and was in considerably more pain.

My Lhasa did not have his boundless energy.

In short, the supplement is a great success at least in my household!


Karine Langley
Ontario, Canada
"...I think this was one of the best investments we've made in our 3 dog's health..."

"Our 6 year old Lhasa (my dog) is as frisky as a pup, our 3 year old Husky (wife's dog) has been more active than she has been in the last year, and my daughter's 1 year old (Bijon / Lhasa cross) is even more active trying to be the Alpha Dog....

We do feed our dogs some raw food with the supplement on, but we've also more often used it mixed in their dry food (Pedigree Healthy Choice). They now look forward to their meals more than we could ever believe and finish it 'to the last drop'.

There is never any food left in the bowls like there used to be before we started using you supplement, and although it's only been a month they appear to be healthier friskier and more content. It's a joy to see our Lhasa (Wookie) chase the Husky (Lady) around the back yard and not only keep up to her but pass her when running like he did when he was a young pup with my son's Husky (Codie).

We're looking forward to improved health and longevity with our beloved pets thanks to your supplement added to their food and your superb advice on how to treat our pets health (i.e. reduce vaccinations, etc.)....

Thank you for all you do in helping us make the right choice for them."

Ted, Sherry and family (including our dogs), ON Canada
"...the change in Halliday is miraculous..."

"A friend who'd not seen my dogs in 2 years said the change in Halliday is miraculous; he seems to be a different dog. 2 years ago, he was stiff and moving real slow. After a year of Dr. Jones' supplement and Kumpi senior dog food, now Halliday (age 12) romps and plays and lets us know how happy and healthy he is."

Jo L., Tennessee
"...my 6 year old Pekingnese-Sheba jumped in the car without any help..."

"I knew the supplement was helping when my 6 year old Pekingnese-Sheba jumped in the car without any help on a recent outing and when we arrived back home she literally leaped out of the car all by herself!

You see Sheba had been having pain in her back and hips for about 2 years now. The vet said she had degenerative disc disease and that she could go for 5 years without needing surgery or she might have to have surgery tomorrow. Sometimes he gave her a shot and sent us home with a round of steroids and pain meds., and it could be quite expensive with her vet bill and her meds. and all. The pain episodes would come and go but this latest bout seemed to be the worse. It got so bad she wouldn't even attempt to go up stairs by herself any more,or jump up in the car or on the bed. She got to the point where she would wait for you to come and pick her up to go up the stair into the house or lift her into the car or bed.. I always knew when she was in pain because she would sit in one spot for the longest time and not move and when she stood up her back legs trembled. It would break my heart but now it makes me so happy to see her pain free and full of energy again.

Sheba and I thank-you so much Dr.Jones. You are a Godsend. May the Lord ever bless you.your family,and your practice!"

Shelidonna S.Jennings, Cordova, South Carolina
"...She has only been on the supplement a few weeks but her energy is higher..."

"I would like to let Dr. Jones and his staff know that our Aussie, Sienna LOVES her supplement. SHe is 13 1/2 with multiple allergies, some joint issues secondary to being beaten as a puppy by her first owner & a past life threatening pancreatitis. She has only been on the supplement a few weeks, but her energy is higher, there is some reduction in "old dog" behaviors, & right now she has not chewed any holes in her hips for a short while. Due to her past pancreatitis we can only treat sores with verbal cueing to stop chewing, and topical applications of perfumed hand soap to further deter chewing due to taste and rarely she'll allow a topical onitment (no steriods). Our theory is that she has an element of OCD behavior and chews her hips due to pain or discomfort. We cannot use Rimadyl on her as she had a rare and frightening side effect of mania & fugue states that almost made us fear that euthanasia was the only recourse. Happily the problem waned as RImadyl worked it's way out.

I choose Dr. Jones supplement as it seemed to offer the best nutritional support to perhaps lessen her wierd allergies (includes beets, palm trees, fish, poultry, beech trees, dust mites etc) and support a healthy skin and boost her immune system. SHe has always had a weight problem & she finally is at a good wieght. She eats an organic, natural dry food that is compatible with her allergies and gets so little, for weight reduction, I have been concerned about meeting all nutritional needs, another reason I chose this supplement. We cannot reverse the damage she received as a pup, but it looks like the supplement is the right choice for her senior years. It will take more time to see if skin problems lessen in frequency and/or severity, but in the meantime she loves her supplement and comes running for meals & licks up every molecule! She is a perky & happy Senior!

Thanks again,"

Ann, Jane & Sienna Morehouse, CA
"...been using your supplement on my 2 dogs for the past 5 months with great results..."

"Hi Dr. Jones:

I thought you might like to know that I have been using your supplement on my 2 dogs for the past 5 months with great results.

My Golden puppy (who is almost 1 year old now) is eating a dry dog food you recommended along with the supplement. He was prone to diarrhea when I fed him my own prepared food so I switched to the dry food. His stool is now firm and his coat is smooth and shiny.

My Chihuahua was suffering from a skin allergy. After eliminating things from his diet you mentioned dogs are sometimes allergic to, he is slowly improving. I now feed him food I prepare along with your supplement. He's slimmer now and does not scratch nearly as much.

I would like to thank you for your newsletters and e-books which have saved me lots of money on vet bills. If I had not been given the helpful info in your newsletters, etc. I would not have had the confidence to try to fix these problems myself. I am also following your advice about vaccinations for my dogs and cat.

Thanks again - I think you provide a wonderful service for pet lovers and I recommend your products and newsletters to all my friends with animals.


Dorothy Cartledge, NS Canada
"...really helping my 11 year old Cairn Terrier..."

"My name is John Merkel and I've been on auto replenishment of your supplement for 3 months now. I am very happy with the product, it seems to be really helping my 11 year old Cairn Terrier who had terrible problems with allergies and her joints. Since starting her on the supplement, her coat has improved dramatically, her allergies are much better and she's jumping up on furniture by herself, something she hasn't done in over 6 months. I recently started giving the supplement to our 6 month old Cairn Terrier puppy after checking your website and seeing that it was safe for puppies too.


Jack Merkel, IL
"...She is running full out with the younger dog, leaping over logs..."

"Hello Dr. Jones,

My seven year old Australian Shepherd exhibited joint stiffness last year shortly after we added a collie shepherd puppy to our household. I felt guilty that maybe all the extra play had contributed to this early joint problem and decided to try the raw meat and bone diet which helped immensely. I added my own joint supplements to her diet as well as herring oil and extra msm for allergies.

I checked your formula with that of my holistic vet and I felt that yours was a more complete supplement. She is running full out with the younger dog, leaping over logs and running up hills which she hasn't done for several years.

Thanks for all your valuable info on pets."

Sandy Mason, Ontario
"She is now a feisty, happy little girl and that is only in one month!"

"Hi Andrew:

Just wanted to say that I enjoy receiving your daily emails.

I have 4 dogs (2 bichons, a mini poodle and a yorkie foster) who have been using the supplement for a few months now. I didn't notice anything immediately, but I am finding that all 3 of our dogs and the yorkie foster who we've only had for a month (all puppy mill survivors) are more energetic, do not have any more skin problems, and just seem generally healthier since being on your supplement. The little yorkie was in such bad shape when she arrived here. She was full of infection, had pus coming out of her spay incision, her eyes, ears, and mouth (all teeth were rotten and infected). I immediately socked it to her with your supplement. She is now a feisty, happy little girl and that is only in one month!

Our 14-year-old bichon who we rescued last year has a collapsed trachea and is on medication for her cough and breathing problems. She was having such rough days a few times, that I have taken her to the vet 3 times now, each time making an appointment to have her euthanized because I was sure her time was up and we didn't want her to suffer. Each time, by the time I got there, she would be licking him, tail wagging, and I brought her home.
Lots of times her breathing was so bad I would have to carry her up and down the steps. After 3 months on your supplement, she no longer has those 'rough days'. She is happier, more stable, and is energetic. She looks forward to her walks and seems like a younger dog. People can't believe she is going on 15. Whatever you have put in that formula, it is absolutely amazing!

I believe we owe it to our furkids to put them on this formula......at least give it a try for a few months. I am sure they will be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for caring so much to develop this great supplement which works wonders. I now have the proof. Seeing is believing.

Thank you!!!"

Carol Johnston, Kitchener, Ontario
"...Since I have been giving her your supplement she has not been limping anymore...."


I wanted to let you know I have been using your supplement for almost a month now. I have a 9 year old Blue Heeler, who was starting to limp & show signs of Arthritis. I was giving her SynoviG3, it was not doing much. Since I have been giving her your supplement she has not been limping anymore. I am able to throw the ball for her & take her for a walk in the same day. Before, I was not able to do that.

I stumbled across your website while doing research on better care of my animals. We lost our German Shepherd, Taz, to cancer right before Christmas. He got up one morning & did not feel well. By that night, he collapsed & died before we could get him to the vet hospital. He had a tumor that had ruptured. We didn't even know he had cancer. So this is how I ran across your site.

Thanks for the supplements & all your information. It has helped my dog. I just got a new puppy & I will be putting her on it also. I have now found a Holistic vet in our area & have changed the way I take care of my pets.

Thanks again,"

Michelle Schrindel, WA
"...after 1 week's use he is back to playing and running..."

"I purchased your product for my 10 year old Bicon. He has been diagnosied with Cushing and had become listless and sad before starting him on it. Now after 1 week's use he is back to playing and running and his fur is coming back like it was before he got sick. Thanks for the new dog - your supplement has given my dog back his energy and happiness."

Migdalia, Florida
"She eats it by itself and considers it a treat!"

"This supplement is wonderful! My little Bichon/Shih Tsu, Cooky, loves it! She eats it by itself and considers it a treat! Also, she has digestive problems and I believe this supplement is helping that problem. I will definately be ordering more when needed."

Evelyn Marcy, Sebring, FL
"...Since I started using the Ultimate Canine Health Formula, she has shown Great Improvement..."

"Hello Dr. Jones,

I did want to let you know how the formula worked for us. Our Dog Katie has a torn ACL and bad Arthritis in her back legs. She had gotten so bad that she would walk with one leg held up or limp, and we are in the process of ordering her a wheelchair.

I had been giving her a Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & MSM supplement chew for the past 2 years, and even started using Dr. Franks in her water. When I started using the Dr. Franks on top of the supplements, she did get a little better, but would still limp anytime she got any exercise.

Since I started using the Ultimate Canine Health Formula, she has shown Great Improvement!

Thanks for listening."

Charlotte Howard, OR
"...she's enthused about downing her meal..."

"Hi Dr. Jones---

The very day I first tried your Ultimate Canine Health Formula on my 16 yr old Sheltie mix, Pebbles, she showed an interest in eating that had been sorely lacking for at least a month prior. Now she's enthused about downing her meal. I've noticed stairs aren't quite the challenge they were. I believe she's feeling better over all. And our 2 yr old Chow-Shepherd mix has always had an abundance of energy, but now he's getting the correct nutrients, easily mixed into his always-eaten meal.

Thanks for your formula."

Donna Beimler, NY
"...show more energy at age 13 1/2..."

"Dolly Too began to show more energy at age 13 1/2. The second day after using Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Canine Health Formula my husband commented on how she has changed. Daily we add the formula to her meal, and she devours it. That's how we know that it is good for her.

By the way, Dolly loves the Meatball Mania that is in your recipes."

Donna Mae Baukat, CA
"...we about to put him down..."

"So far my ten year old shih tzu has had no seizures. Its been about four weeks since, so far so good. We were about to put him down, when I found Dr. Jone's site. What a blessing! He seems so good and full of energy.

I have stared giving to my five year old shih tzu too. Very full of energy!"

Dan Goosen, Chippewa Falls
"...nothing worked until I put her on this wonderful formula..."

"I have two dogs. One is a Shish Zu who is twelve years old. His name is Teddy. The other dog is a cross breed (Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle X Shih-Tzu) Her name is Peppermint Paddy and she is a very small dog. She is the one that I have been having a lot of problems with. She has been chewing, scratching, and seems to be very itchy. This has been going on for four years. Talk about break the bank on trying to find something to help her. Nothing worked until I put her on this wonderful formula. She has been on the formula for three months and you wouldn't know she is the same dog. No more chewing,biting or chewing herself. What a relief for her and me. Also Teddy who's twelve has so much energy you would think he was still a puppy. Please let every one know how wonderful this formula is. I have been telling all my friends that has dogs about how wonderful this formula is. I can't thank Dr Andrew Jones enough for this product. Please let everyone know how this formula has helped my dogs on your website and in the newsletter.

Thanks very much,"

Jennie Spurr, BC Canada
"...he has much more energy, his eyes are brighter..."

"Hi, I don't have a dog I bought the supplement for my friend to try on her elder dog, which by the way is working wonderfully. He is an 11 year old long haired golden (slightly over weight) activity level on a down hill slide, Hair kind of dull and dry looking. Now he has much more energy, his eyes are brighter, and his hair is healthier looking, he comes to visit more often (we don't see him but we see his tracks coming across the yard and down to the game bird pens. He doesn't bother them they are use to him coming over). Please let Dr. Jones Know supplement is amazing.

Thank You,"

Lorraine (Former Vet Tech and Herb nut), NY
"...made such an overwhelming difference..."

"I was not able to pass along my "kudos" to the good doctor about how wonderful his supplement is! It has made such an overwhelming difference in Abby's digestive system - almost immediately. No more bouts of diarrhea! Her coat health has improved as well. I only regret (as I am sure everyone else does as well) that we didn't have this "awesome" product a whole lot sooner. While her bladder tumor has not grown any larger, and she is acting so normal and healthy, it is difficult to remember that she is sick. But as long as she is not in any pain or discomfort, I will continue treatment with my vet. I am also writing to Dr. Dressler in Hawaii who is a cardiologist vet and my vet is working with him with research ideas.

Thank you."

Judith Conigliaro, MI
"...the results are marvelous..."

"Hi, Dr.Jones

I've been given your supplement to my 1 year old irish setter, and the results are marvelous. Since i got him at 4 months,he had problem digesting his food, he was passing gas all day long, he had soft stools or diahharea, and yeast infections in both ears. I changed his food 3 times with no results. The second day when he started his supplements, his gas were all gone and his stools came back to normal. For his ears, he can be 3 days without either yeast infection or dirty ears. I heard that it's common in an irish setter to have ear problems. I also give my chihuahua your supplements. She's got both knees decape, so she had problem jumping on the bed. Since she's on the supplement, her knees got stronger with no more problem jumping on the bed, and she is full of energy.

Thank you very much,"

Denise, ON Canada
"...feeling like a new doxie with your supplement..."

"My dachshund Pebbles is feeling like a new doxie with your supplement!! She has been through a great deal in her three years. She had one litter of pups and did not pass one of the placentas which led to infection and an emergency spay. She continued to nurse her babies after the surgery and was a really good mother. She loved to chase squirrels and ran out in front of me while I was on my way to school for meet the teacher day. I hit her with my car and it broke her hip. I was heartbroken and felt terrible. She made it though that! She is our miracle baby! Lately she has had trouble going up and down the stairs in and out of our house to go potty and has been sore a great deal. We decided to try your supplement and she has been a new dog!!

Thanks so much!! God Bless You!!"

Kelli Price, Dyslexia teacher, Channelview, Texas
"...after a week, he started to get up and stand up..."

"Now for some good news to your add to your archives. I have a 14-year Peke who has arthritis as well as arrythmia. About a month ago, he could no longer walk and would only drag his butt around. He peed and relieved himself where he was and so got himself into a real mess all the time. I had purchased Dr. Jones canine formula and when I got my supply, I immediately put him on it. After a week, he started to get up and stand up for a bit. It's been more than two weeks and he is able to walk a longer distance and stand for longer periods, though not the normal. Even if he doesn't get back to normal, I am so pleased he has improved this much.

Please convey my thanks to Dr. Jones."

Rosario, Philippines
"...gait is better and I swear his eyes seem more clear..."

"I have used your supplement for approximately one month. I was hesitant to purchase yet another supplement that promised results for my aging Bulldog "Nijel". As you know, Bulldogs have a relatively short "shelf life" of about 10-12 years. My old geezer will be 11 in March. His eyesight is failing and he tends to get grumpy a little quicker when an errant toy or ball bonks him on the head and interrupts his frequent naps. Those interruptions are usually caused by my 2 year old Boston Terrier boys and their rough housing behavior.

Previously Nijel would occasionally try to join on their play, but stop after a minute or two and then limp around in obvious discomfort. I was sure we inevitably would have to resort to Rimadyl on a daily basis to help him stay active and pain-free. All 3 of the boys seem to have sensitive stomachs, so I feed them Solid Gold Kibble, plus a few spoonfuls of doggie "stew" I prepare that contains green beans, peas, carrots, yams, brown rice, a small amount of oatmeal, liver, beef and olive oil. I must also add a small amount of water to their bowls as they are all gobblers and chokers and this seems to keep things sliding down without much incident. Trying to introduce a supplement into their diet became a game of who was going to have the first upset tummy and subsequent barfing episode because of it. After the barfing would come the non-stop burping and odiferous emissions. Anybody who owns the "Bully" breeds understand the occasional, uh, blast or two is an expected part of their make-up. This was a literal "fest" of fumes and I swear the executives of Febreze and the candle companies were high fiving each time I made another new supplement purchase.

Needless to say, we quit trying to ensure our guys health with supplements that made them (and us) miserable. I am a daily reader of your newsletter and the information is stunningly straightforward. I also have some of your e-books that have saved me more than a visit or two to my regular vet. Very empowering stuff. So....., the supplement, another supplement, another promise of an improved existence for my canine family just dangling like a carrot in front of me on the screen. No matter that everything else I read about and used from your arsenal of info had passed muster, I still felt like a guppy as I filled out the order. On the day it was delivered I could hear the gods of the candles rubbing their hands together and hissing "excellent" as I opened the package.

The first thing that was noticeably different was the texture, not grainy, not gritty, just a fine palatable powder. Other supplement doses required scoops and scoops for each meal. The portion size for Ultimate Canine was one tiny scoop! The second difference was the smell, there wasn't one! Previous products had strong, somewhat offensive smells that would become downright nose burning once ingested and um, processed.

Well, din din time came, food anointed with the formula, matches at the ready and a prayer uttered about the hope that no one would visit that evening when the onslaught of bodily functions began. Nobody turned up their nose or sampled and turned away, no one gagged (including us!) as they plowed through. Bowls were hoovered clean, but we weren't out of the woods yet. For the next few hours the entire family braced for "the second coming".

It never came, no audible gurgling, no eruptions, nothing! "Huh, bet it was just a fluke", my hubby says and I secretly thought the same thing.

It's been almost a month now, and if it was a fluke, it's lasted longer than the original lamp oil during Hanukkah. Nijel is beginning to romp more with the Bostons during their spirited chase games and has even managed to hurl himself onto the couch a time or two. He gets up more easily and doesn't hesitate as much to go up and down the stairs. His gait is better and I swear his eyes seem more clear. As for Simon and Henry, the Bostons, they're still young and really full of energy so that has not changed. But I'd rather keep them constantly healthy than have to fix ailments as they age. Have you thought of a larger container for multiple dog households? Thanks again for helping us become more confident with our animal family members health.

Sincerely, "

Teri Chambers, Lincoln, Nebraska
"...doing more of her favorite activities..."

"Our little Bichon, Annie Kay, was nine years old on December fifth. She lives a quiet life with an older adult couple.

She recently started on the Ultimate Canine Health Formula mixed in her Royal Canin venison and potato food prescribed by her vet. It seemed to my wife and I both that in just a couple or three days she was more perky than she had been, doing more of her favorite activities - attacking our shoes (on our feet), doing the classic Bichon whirl arounds and racing thru the house scattering throw rugs to the four winds. We didn’t see how it could be affecting her that quickly but it evidently did.

We (at least I) were hoping it would also help with her normal Bichon skin allergies and hair loss. Nothing apparent in those areas yet but it is obviously is good for her in other ways.

You may share any comments.

Thank you,"

Talmon Davis, FL
"...playing like a pup..."

"Dear Dr. Andrew Jones DVM & fellow B.C.er:

My dogs sent you an email telling you how much they enjoy your supplement but they forgot to give their permission for you to use their letter on your website. It is fine with them so you go ahead if you want to use it. They were telling the truth, there is a difference already, even with Preshus who is a lazy 4 yr old shih-tzu who just gave birth in Sept.
She is playing like a pup. Hunni is one month pregnant but is healthy as can be, plays like a puppy, full of energy. Angel, Preshus's 3 yr old daughter literally stands guard over the food dishes, I have to take her away so the others can eat, she will be full, but she won't let anybody else have any.
Teddy is the only male and he weighs only 4.25lbs he needs all the nourishment he can get, he is one of those hyper pomeranians. He jumps four feet high from a complete stand still, uses up a lot a calories. Even though we do feed them a very high grade no preservatives or grains dog food the supplement has made a difference to the energy levels and to their coats. I have been telling everyone I know about it. As I breed my dogs I have been sending the supplement info on to people I know with dogs and to the people who have bought pups from me."

From Sandra and Ray A, BC, Canada
"Supplement is a hit!"

"Hi, Dr. Jones--

Got the supplement today, and put a half scoop in my 15-month-old maltipoo's bowl, intending to put some food with it and stir it up. Well, she licked the powder up before I could get the food in there! Whew! She likes it! I mixed some with my 4-year-old pekapoo's food this evening, and though she was a little unsure, she did eventually eat it.

I am hoping this will help with their itchy skin, and keep them healthy for many years.

Thanks so much for all you do!"

Lori Netti, Vincennes, IN
"...in just the first couple of weeks he was actually running on his walk..."

"Oh my gosh Dr. Jones -

I am so glad I received your email asking about my thoughts regarding your new dog supplement! I read the testimonials from other customers/clients of yours about how their older dogs were young and vibrant again, but never in a million years thought that it would really have that much of an effect on my dog. Dozer is a 102 pound 3 year old American Bulldog. He is pretty active for a big guy, but as it goes for Bulldogs, he isn't much of a runner and is about 10 pounds over weight. I walk him every night along with my 1 year old Stella, who is a Pit/Lab mix. She is VERY active, but let me tell you that in just the few weeks that he has been taking your supplement we have noticed a significant difference in him. He has some problems with his back right leg, from a car accident when he was about 2. He limps on it, if he has been walking too long, or if it is really cold outside.

Well, in just the first couple of weeks he was actually running on his walk trying to keep up with Stella. He has been acting like a puppy now, jumping, rolling around on his back, and just overall a really spry boy! He has not been limping hardly at all, (but then I have also been trying your massage techniques too), and last week my Mom actually said I need to quit giving him those supplements because his testosterone seems to be escalating, and he has been driving her crazy laying on his back talking (dog talk) constantly throughout the day while I am at work! I told her that he is fixed, so this shouldn’t be the case at all! Haha

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your supplement is WONDERFUL! Dozer and I would like to thank you, and also say that we love your holistic approach to give our animals a better, longer life!!!

Thanks again- "

Mary Emmons, Leavenworth, Washington
"...she runs up and down the porch stairs like a puppy..."

"I have a nine year old Toy Poodle that was having some stiffness in her back legs. Since she has been on your Canine Health Formula she runs up and down the porch stairs like a puppy. She is always game for a walk and isn't stiff in her back legs when we are finished walking. I love the peace of mind that comes with knowing I have the proper supplements in one easy jar to add to her food. She is a pretty picky eater but has still eaten her food with the supplement mixed in. I add a little water so it make a gravey and she eats is right up.

Thanks for all the good your do for a precious animals and the peace of mind you give us owners with your books and information.

Sincerely, "

Joni Bradley, Salt Lake City, Utah
"...the real improvement came after 2 weeks on your supplement..."

"Dr. Andrew

I have 5 dogs, 3 dogs under 6 pounds and two larger dogs, 60 pounds each. They have been on Organix dog food for four months with some general improvement. But the real improvement came after 2 weeks on your supplement.

The eldest, the sharpei, Oilcan Boyd, (10 years old), has begun appearing in more places more of the time, instead of sleeping and staying on his bed. His eyes are clearer, and wide open, and he is standing at alert. He is going up and down the stairs again. He awakens one son by staring at his face, 2 inches from his nose as he did years ago. He is back to guarding the front door by lying where he can see our the side window. We are delighted.

The 7 year old basset, Doodle, who slimmed out nicely on the Organix, is now holding his head higher, with eyes noticeably brighter and a new life to his step. We believe we fended off arthritis. He has one middle toe on his front foot that x-rays showed is full of arthritis from breaks. He is an escape artist who breaks the fence into the woods and bounds over fallen trees, landing and hurting this toe we believe. He is walking and running now with no hesitation. Limping does not come as quickly as it did before.

The four year old Yorkie, Jubilee, is calmer. We were wondering if he was beginning to have arthritis in his back as he tends to "fly" off the couch, (despite the stairs provided), which is not supposed to be good for them. But again, all indications of discomfort have receeded.

The baby Yorkie, 8 months, Tonto, finally began to put on a few ounces of weight and his coat is becoming less dry and brittle towards becoming soft. We have struggled to feed him trying to find anything that wouldn't give him gastro trouble. He is like an attention deficit child, not interested in eating. He might take one bite to a private place to eat it, and then move on to see what he missed while he was away. His ribs used to show. I am feeding the supplement to all of them mixed in fish canned cat food in the morning. Tonto, the Yorkie puppie, will stay for three forkfulls. Then I sit him on the counter and he allows me to put a few more forkfulls in his mouth which he willingly will eat. You can no longer see his ribs.

Tula-belle is an 18 month old shitzu whose puppies were taken away from her and she was spayed at birth due to the need of a ceasarean section. She tends to depression. The supplement seems to have made her more like a young dog, happier and active and full of joy some of the time. It is wonderful to see.

Commendations. And thank you. God smiles on those who care for His creatures. I believe you bring God great joy."

Dr Eva Klostreich, NJ
"I am totally amazed at the results..."

"Hi Dr. Jones,

I just wanted to let you know that I was a little skeptical about your dog food supplement and I questioned myself why I wanted to be suckered into something like this but truthfully I am totally amazed at the results I have seen in my Beagle-terrier mix 7yr. old female dog.

Just to give you a little background info. We live on a dairy farm and my husband ran over her and broke her pelvic area with one of our very large tractors and I thought that this was the end of her. We took her to the Vet and with a lot of meds, pain killers and patience she got well. Again 2yrs. Ago she went paralyzed in her hind quarters and off to the Vet we went. Somehow this miracle dog pulled through and walked but not quite the same. Lately she has been not so playful and laying around a lot, that is when I told my husband that I found this Canadian Vet that had this dog supplement I wanted to try.

Dr. Jones, my husband & I can hardly believe this is the same dog.

Thank you for a wonderful product. "

Mrs. Jill Kline, Bloomsburg, PA
"In just a couple weeks I have seen an increase in their energy and a shiner coat..."

"I Want to thank you though for introducing me to your ultimate canine health formula. I purchased it a few weeks ago.

I have two Yorkies one ten yrs. @7# and one twelveyrs.@ 5#. I mixed the formula in their dry food. Boy did they chow down. In just a couple weeks I have seen an increase in their energy and a shiner coat. They are demanding me to play with them now. Yes you know the high pitched bark of come on. LOL

I'm really glad I tried it for them. Thank you for caring for the animals."

Pat Hester, GA
"...noticed the changes almost immediately..."

"We have just started our golden doodle on your Ultimate Canine Heath Formula and have noticed the changes almost immediately. He loves the taste of it, and we've noticed he's calmer, looks more alert, sleeping better, and definitely more focused in paying attention to us. We had a problem getting his attention outside especially with "playmates" around. For the short time we've given him your product, he's responding quicker, and listening - I can see how training, probably for any breed of dog, can be made easier taking your supplements, besides the health benefits.

Thank you for a great product."

Ian Lipski, Ontario CA
"...just 3 weeks since she had major surgery...playing like a puppy"

"Thanks so much and yes I have seen my dog Lacy, with just 3 weeks since she had major surgery to remove a mammary tumor, ovarian cyst, and a spade job, playing like a puppy with the other animals.

She is going on 11 years old and hasn't felt this good in a long time. She is even playing with a kitten that we have and she has always hated cats. What a nice thing and we are extremely happy with the product. "

Audrey Dirickson, Janesville CA
"...the best shiny coats..."

"I have been giving my two chocolate lab pups the Dr. Jones supplement and its fantastic. They have the best shiny coats and its remarkable that it can be seen on the outside. The combination is terrific. "

B Davies, London ON
"I am very impressed with the supplement and can see an improvement..."

"I am very impressed with the supplement and can see an improvement in my 16 yr. old male Chihuahua. He is eating better and seems to be moving a lot better. Between my daughter and my self we have 4 dogs in the house. 3 Chi s and a Siberian Huskey. We have all of them on the supplement.

My daughter's husky is even eating her food with the supplement over it and she is 12 yr. old and very fussy as well. I am very glad that I got it and well continue to give it to all my dogs and also will recommend it any one who adoptes foster dog for me as well."

Roberta McKenna, B.C. Chihuahua Rescue
"...very happy to report to you that Cocoa my standard poodle is doing very well..."

"Hi Doc,

I am very happy to report to you that Cocoa my standard poodle is doing very well on your supplement. I actually saw the improvement really quickly and this formula is easier on me as I was having to buy a variety of formulas to make a 'complete' combination that I assumed was the right combination for Cocoas' needs. I also appreciate your sensitivity to the consumers ability to buy quality products during this awful economic time for us all to help us keep our treasured pets in top notch condition. I send a big hug to you and your doggy.


Irene and Cocoa, Southern California, Costa Mesa
"...she seems to have more energy..."

"Hi Dr. Jones.

I’ve been giving my dog Mickey your formula for about 2 weeks now and I am noticing some chances.

I find that she seems to have more energy, instead of sleeping all day she follows me around wanting my attention. She wants to play. Her eyes are glowing, she looks more alert. She seems to be happier.

So, far so good.

Thanks Dr. Jones."

Ginette, MB, Canada
"...she is wild about your supplement..."

"Our puppy will be 6 months old in 14 days & she is wild about your supplement----she really eats well as long as it has been added, if we forget it---she won't eat her food.

She is a beautiful little white Westie---named Precious Skyy, we call her Skyy, but she is precious!!!! (Do I sound like a dog lover????) I am glad you have the supplement on the way, because we are getting low.

Thanks for your good product."

Ethelene Karns & Skyy, Florida
"...have more energy and our coats are shinier..."

"Dear Doc,

Us dogs here, Preshus, Angel, Teddy, & Hunni are quite pleased with your supplement. We have more energy and our coats are shinier and we have only been taking the supplement for under 2 weeks. Our parents feed us top of the line food too, no preservetives or grains, just meat and veggies. Teddy and I (Hunnie) we're Pom's we have a problem with them Shih-tzu's tho, Preshus, (she's the biggest) she eats lots and Angel she guards the food dish and we have to be quick to sneak a bite when she's not looking. Hey, are we allowed to eat live birds? Teddy and I really want to get at Mom's cockatiels that land on the floor once in a while.

Oh! Almost forgot to tell ya, it tastes great!

Merry Christmas and Thanks!"

Sandra Parsons & Preshus, Angel, Teddy, & Hunni, Alberta CA