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Dr. Jones' Veterinary Secrets Ultimate Rewards Program

Our Ultimate Rewards Program is simple: Buy 10 jars/bottles of any qualifying supplement and get 1 FREE!

You do not need to sign up - as soon as you place an order (a one-time order OR on an auto-ship plan), we'll automatically add you to the program and keep track of your orders. We'll send updates with every new order (or renewal on an auto-ship plan), and you can see your Rewards Balances any time from within your account (go to your Account page and click 'My Rewards Program').

The program tracks each size and type of supplement separately, and as soon as you reach 10 jars/bottles of one product, we'll notify you and you'll be shipped a FREE jar/bottle (of the same size and type of supplement) along with your current order. Rewards jars are only shipped along with a current order that is in processing - so when you've placed your 10th order, you'll be sent your free jar along with your current order.

Although the program requires you to reach 10 jars of each product size/type separately, we can 'swap' products based on value (for example you can 'exchange' 3 small jars of Ultimate Canine for 1 large). Just contact us if you'd like to make an exchange.

And that's it! If you have any questions, contact us here.

Please note: the Ultimate Rewards Program is in effect as of November 12th, 2019. All orders from that point forward will be included in the Rewards Program.