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Veterinary Secrets Revealed Second Edition (Print Version)

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Learn how to Heal Your Dog or Cat At Home Safely and Easily, and Save Money at the Vet Today

Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition is a 519 page Comprehensive Pet Health Manual on how to heal your dog or cat at home. Includes detailed instructions on how to diagnose your pet at home, perform the main healing modalities you will need, and covers 93 Diseases and Illnesses, with a description of each disease and multiple remedies you can try with your own dog or cat.
Print version is in Manual/Course style large binder format. Also comes with all download versions of the book (PDF, iPad/iPhone, Nook, Kindle).



    Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition:
    Complete Canine and Feline
    At-Home Pet Health Manual

    Easily Care For Your Pet At Home - Treat Illnesses Confidently And Competently, Using Simple Techniques And Inexpensive Natural Ingredients... ...And Save Thousands Of Dollars In Vet Bills!

    Veterinary Secrets Revealed allows dog and cat owners to care for and treat their pets on their own. It doesn't matter what category your pet's problem fall under...

    • Diseases and Illnesses, such as cancer, usually treated with conventional medications that make your pet feel worse rather than better.
    • Ailments like back spasms or arthritis that reduce your pet's ability to enjoy favorite activities.
    • Behavior problems like aggression that can lead to dangerous situations in and outside your home.

    Veterinary Secrets Revealed will provide all the information you need to keep your pet healthy or to improve the health of your sick pet.

    And, Veterinary Secrets Revealed does it without medical jargon, without complicated procedures, and without an eye on the pharmaceutical companies' bottom line (yes, we Vets face the same pressures as human doctors.)

    Here's what you DON'T need to use Veterinary Secrets Revealed:

    • A degree in medicine (animal OR human) - the treatments are clearly explained and the steps are simple and easy to follow so you can focus on comforting your pet
    • A dictionary of medical terminology - the descriptions are easy to understand and are in everyday English so there's no risk of confusion.
    • An ability to transform into one of the doctors on ER - I've made the descriptions so simple, you don't even have to watch ER to be able to treat your pet!

    Here's what you DO need:

    • The willingness to comfort and care for your sick or injured pet so you can alleviate pain or begin treatment before you even reach your Vet. In some cases, this could be a matter of life or death for your pet.

    So if you meet or exceed these simple requirements (and really, what loving pet owner doesn't?) then you're ready for this...

    Simple, Proven System Tackles Your Pet's
    Behavior And Health Problems  - Often With
    Items That Are Already In Your Home

    Of course, every pet owner wants to care for a sick or injured pet.

    But too often, they don't know how. Veterinary Secrets Revealed will break down the treatment options in a step-by-step process for common ailments so you can:

    • End your Pet's Diarrhea FAST. Use a common people remedy or choose from other solutions (page 89).
    • Help your Pet's Leaking Bladder. Rid your home of the embarrassing stains and smells in your home, and rid your pet of the anxiety caused by doing something "bad" even though it was - until now! - uncontrollable (page 64).
    • Find effective solutions to battle your Dog or Cat's Cancer. I'll show you how to get your pet's metabolism working to defeat cancer's progression (page 66).
    • Find the specific massage points for Hip Dysplasia... if it is difficult for your pet to even get up, then find help with this massage (page 125).
    • Manage your Pet's Diabetes. Discover an inexpensive, safe supplement which can lower your diabetic pet's insulin requirement (page 86).
    • Relieve your Dog or Cat's Constipation. Constipation can be painful and dangerous. Not only will you know how to relieve your constipated pet, you'll also learn how to prevent it from happening again (page 77).
    • Reduce Vomiting episodes. There are many reasons your pet vomits - pinpoint the cause and choose the best remedy (page 189).
    • Finally ease the Ache in your Pet's Back. Your pet will romp and play more without constant back pain (page 59).
    • Eliminate painful Ear Mites safely and naturally. Ease your pet's pain simply with common pantry items (page 96).
    • Treat your Pet's Dental Problems. Bacteria from your pet's teeth can get into the bloodstream and cause serious heart problems - so keep the teeth clean (page 83).
    • Prevent Pancreatitis or speed recovery from an attack. Quick action is necessary to save your pet's life - here are 2 homeopathics that you can use in any attack of pancreatitis (page 169).
    • At last, treat your Pet's Arthritis at home. The top supplements to use now AND human medicines that are safe and effective (page 53).
    • Treat your Hyperthyroid Cat. If your older cat is eating more, but losing weight, then he may have Hyperthyroid disease - I reveal 2 herbs effective in treating hyperthyroid cats (page 136).

    Veterinary Secrets Revealed has already proven to be a BIG HIT amongst empowered pet owners.

    Thousands of you are seeking better ways to care for your pets - and my book is showing you how.

    Here are just a few of the hundreds of wonderful comments I've received for Veterinary Secrets Revealed...

    "... Vet secrets revealed is the best thing I have ever bought ..."

    "Vet secrets revealed is the best thing I have ever bought. I have 5 toy poodles so I need all the help I can get. Its also saved me a bundle. I am no vet but I do know my girls and they are all fighting fit thanks to using ideas in your book. No more outragous vet bills(sorry). I have used many of the things in there. At the moment the girls all have flaxseed iol on their food at night. which I always cook for them every night."

    Kathleen Cooper, Qld Australia
    "... Everyone who is a guardian to an animal needs your book ..."

    "Everyone who is a guardian to an animal needs your book. It is filled with the information that other vets either don't know or refuse to use because a lot of it is common sense combined with NATURAL alternatives that work without causing additional financial hardships."

    Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter, Florida
    "... very, very helpful ..."

    "Dr. Jones book has been very, very helpful in treating my rescue dogs and puppies. The book is easy to understand and it is easy to quickly find what you are looking for. Using the treatments has helped many of my furbabies, including treatment for vomiting, diarrhea, arthritis, and many others. Thank you. I will be ordering the home study course to further assist my rescues as soon as I can afford the price."

    Andrea Tucker, Jazzin Around Rescue, Tennessee
    "... already been a valuable tool ..."

    "Dr. Andrew,

    Your Web site and books have already been a valuable tool for us in caring for our two year old Yorkie. I have been able to successfully treat her allergies, find new alternatives for pain, and insist on a three year vaccine regimen, all saving us expensive trips to the Vet, and probably extending her life. As retiree's, on a fixed income, they have been invaluable, and already paid for themselves. I am so thankful for a reliable reference to rely on.

    Thank You so much."

    Nita Le Van, Colorado
    "... wonderful tool, and I have recommended it to friends ..."

    "Hello Dr. Jones,

    I wanted to let you know that I have read your entire book and it has assisted me in educating myself about many things I can do to keep my cats healthier.

    This is a wonderful tool, and I have recommended it to friends.
    I actually used the eye bright remedy because my one cat had an irritated eye, and it cleared up quickly with remedy. Thank you so much."

    Cindy Ishkanian, FL
    "... really enjoyed your book ..."

    "Have really enjoyed your book--have used it many times. Unfortunately we couldn't help our wee poodle--she was almost 14 and had so many things wrong--it broke our hearts but we had to euthanize her. We now have another wee girl and I check your book every times something goes awry.

    Thanks so much."

    Jean Christianson, Alberta

    To see more testimonials, click here.

    Veterinary Secrets Revealed can show you how to:

    • Strengthen your Pet's failing Heart. Simple supplements to prevent and treat heart disease so your pet can stay active and happy (page 121).
    • Soothe your Pet's irritating Cough. You'll be amazed and thankful for the first restful sleep you've both had since the cough started (page 79).
    • Cure red, discharging, Irritated Eyes. Use this healing eye herb which can treat most eye infections WITHOUT a prescription (page 101).
    • Find answers for Oily, Itchy Skin on your Dog. Use this common household vitamin if your pet has a greasy coat (page 162).
    • At last discover safe, effective options for Kidney Failure. You will discover a Chinese herbal formulation that has been very effective in combating ailing kidneys (page 143).
    • QUICKLY give relief from Hot Spots. Do this first if your pet has a hot spot - apply a common kitchen drink two to three times a day (page 131).
    • Instantly calm Aggressive Pets. Do this so they won't hurt others or get themselves into a dangerous fight with another aggressive animal (page 42).
    • Treat an Abscess. I show you exactly what to do first to heal it at home and avoid your vet (page 37).
    • STOP Stool Eating! Who wants dog-kisses from a poop-eater? Learn what ingredient you have in your cabinet that stops dogs from eating their own poop (page 94).
    • Speed up your Pet's Weight Loss. Add this supplement to your pet's diet and watch the pounds disappear (page 164).
    • Heal Pad Cracks and Paw Problems. If your pet has problems with their pads, then check this out - a topical vitamin for pad cracks and paw problems that really works (page 167). Heal your pet's paw problems today.
    • Safely treat Thyroid Disease. Learn the difference between hyperthyroid and hypothyroid disease and how to treat each effectively (page 136).
    • Calm Your Senile Pet. Alleviate senility problems like insomnia and pacing at night using a safe and gentle supplement (page 178)
    • Restore your Pet's Liver health. Just like humans, our pets need a healthy liver for a healthy life. Learn to spot liver disease signs early, then use easy remedies to improve liver health - cook with this herb that will help to regenerate the liver (page 149).

    Easily Care For Your Pet At Home Using Simple Techniques And Inexpensive, Natural Ingredients

    With Veterinary Secrets Revealed, you will be delighted by how much you will learn and how much you can help your pet.


    • How to Stop Worms that keep coming back. This food product works great for pets with recurring tapeworm infections (page 192).
    • A natural solution to Treat Hairballs in Cats. This juice can break them down and stop the regurgitation (page 119).
    • How to Treat your pet's Fever. IS your pet burning up? These are MUST have remedies to treat a Fever in dogs and cats (page 104).
    • A safe natural option for Treating Ringworm in Dogs and Cats. PLUS, what causes it and how you can prevent it from reoccurring (page 175).
    • What to do if your Dog been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. Use this to lower the hormone that causes this common ailment (page 134).
    • What do you do if your Pet has Itchy, red and irritated Skin. Use a common over the counter medication (page 129).
    • How to deal with Noise Phobias. If your dog shakes and hides during thunderstorms, then she has a noise phobia. A simple, safe home remedy found in your fridge can solve thunderstorm phobias (page 159).
    • What you can do to Stop Dandruff. Have flaky, dead skin all over your house? A surprising shampoo to eliminate dandruff in your pet (page 81).
    • What to do if your dog is a "Scooter". How to finally solve your pet's anal gland problems at home (page 49).
    • How to Dust Fleas Away - literally. Forget toxic chemicals, choose from a variety of remedies to control and prevent fleas (page 108)
    • How to safely Treat Skin Allergies with a magical 10-in-one Chinese Herb. Your pet will be thrilled at the relief from constant scratching, licking, & chewing (page 44)
    • What to do if your pet has Lumps or Growths. Here is how you can stimulate your pet's immune system to get the to resolve lumps and bumps and avoid surgery (page 153).
    • How to deal with Mange. You can avoid the serious and toxic veterinary medication with this topical herb (page 156).
    • How to cure Separation Anxiety. Make your pet feel safe while at home alone and end destructive behavior (page 180)
    • What to do for the Head Shaking & Ear Scratching pet. Put an end to ear infections with this weekly cleanser from your kitchen cabinets (page 96).

    And that's just a hint of what's inside - there are over 1,000 remedies to these and other ailments in Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition.

    Want to see what's inside? Click the tab "Table of Contents".

    This is for the Print version (Manual/Course style large binder format). Included are all e-Reader versions of the book (iOS - iPad, etc), Kindle and PDF (PCs/etc).


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