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Cat Health and Nutrition Webinar with Dr. Andrew Jones DVM (Video) Zoom

Cat Health and Nutrition Webinar with Dr. Andrew Jones DVM (Video)

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Cat Health and Nutrition: How to Keep your Cat Healthy with Food and Natural At-Home Remedies: 1 hour Webinar Video (MP4 format - Download).

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    Cat Health and Nutrition: How to Keep your Cat Healthy with Food and Natural At-Home Remedies is a 1 hour Video recording of Dr. Jones' webinar on cat health and nutrition. Basic price includes mp4 download only. To have it shipped to your door on DVD, simply check the box above (if you select DVD option, your order will include both the download as well as the DVD shipment).

    Topics covered in this webinar:

      • what is the best cat food to feed?
      • the incorrect assumptions of feeding cats that are causing health problems... here's what you need to know to about cat food to prevent and treat common cat diseases
      • cat urinary tract problems... do you need expensive prescription food? plus holistic solutions that work to stop your cat's urinary tract infection
      • carbohydrates and cats: your cat is not designed to metabolize them yet most cat food has them as the main ingredient... why you need to avoid them to prevent disease
      • should you be feeding raw food?... is it even safe?
      • cancer in cats: can you help with nutrition?
      • key differences between cats and dogs - cats are not small dogs
      • feline asthma can be treated with these remedies...
      • vaccines and your cat... what you need to avoid to prevent serious side effects
      • supplements: are they really necessary, do they work, and how can you tell if they are safe?
      • vomiting and diarrhea: there are many causes, but these particular natural treatments work great
      • anesthesia and your cat... why what you are being told about your cat could be wrong
      • chronic renal failure in cats: it's very common, but here's what you should be doing first
      • why low protein diets are harmful to your cat - and what you can do differently
      • at-home diets for cats... here are ones that are simple, safe and tasty!
      • cat liver disease: holistic remedies you've likely never heard about
      • medications that are toxic for your cat... here are the top 5 to avoid
      • for cats on premium diets: if I'm feeding my cat a premium, high quality diet, do I need to supplement as well?
      • why are so many cats being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism?... answers and solutions here
      • can you do anything for your overweight cat?... yes, many things - but do this first
      • diabetic cat?... here is what you need to know to prevent and treat this disease at home
      • protein and fat: what your cat needs to thrive is completely unlike dogs

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