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Dr. Jones' Natural Animal Care Online Course

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8 Section / 119 Lecture, Online At-Home Natural Health Care Education for Dog and Cat Owners with Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM (Download Version).

Course comes with 3 FREE BONUSES: Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition (500+ page Manual, e-Book format), Pet First Aid Secrets: Dog and Cat First Aid Manual (275 page Manual, e-Book format), and Home Recipes for Dogs and Cats (40+ recipes, e-Book format)

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    Dr Jones' Natural Animal Care Course:
    Online, At-Home Natural Health Care Education for Dog and Cat Owners - NEW: Upon course completion, you will receive a Natural Animal Health Certificate.


    Provide holistic treatment options and techniques for a broad range of conditions in dogs and cats.

    Course Information:  

    This is a comprehensive 8 Section, 119 Lecture Course, introducing you to the basics of home veterinary care, demonstrating the primary healing modalities applicable for pet owners, then detailing the most common veterinary diseases and accompanying natural remedies. You will see how to use the various treatment options, how to examine your dog or cat at home, and then be given the most common and effective remedies that you can implement.

    Note: This is the Download Version Only - if you would prefer the course on DVD (4 Data DVD Set), click here.

    The course is completed over 8 Sections, 119 Lectures. Sections 1 through 7 cover the basics and background of Holistic healing, along with how to perform the main healing modalities. Section 8 covers the most common dog and cat diseases, along with specific details in determining if your pet has these conditions, then identifying the treatments you should consider first. Dr Jones discusses the ongoing use of your primary veterinarian, including when to seek immediate veterinary care vs when it is appropriate to treat your pet at home.

    At the end of each Section is a quiz, and you must complete all 8 quizzes in order to receive your Certification.

    You will have access to the entire course when you order. You will be able to download and view the course materials at any time - and there will be no limit on when you need to download, as you will have lifetime access to the course materials.

    Course Outline

    Section 1

    Natural Animal Healing Introduction

    • Lecture 1: Natural Animal Healing Introduction
    • Lecture 2: Why Our Pets Get Sick, Holistic Care Explained
    • Lecture 3: When You Can Treat Your Pet At Home, And When You Should Seek Veterinary Care

    Section 2

    At Home Pet Health Exam

    • Lecture 4: At Home Pet Health Exam Introduction
    • Lecture 5: At Home Exam - Temperature, Pulse, Respiration
    • Lecture 6: At Home Exam - Eyes
    • Lecture 7: At Home Exam - Ears, Nose
    • Lecture 8: At Home Exam - Mouth, Neck, Lymph Nodes, Larynx, Thyroid Gland
    • Lecture 9: At Home Exam - Genitourinary Systems, Skin
    • Lecture 10: At Home Exam - Musculoskeletal, Gastrointestinal
    • Lecture 11: At Home Exam - Cardiovascular, Hydration

    Section 3

    Healing with Herbs

    • Lecture 12: Healing With Herbs Introduction
    • Lecture 13: Starting To Heal Your Pet With Herbs
    • Lecture 14: Cautions With Using Herbs. Herbs/Drug Interactions
    • Lecture 15: 10 Most Important Herbs To Use
    • Lecture 16: Herbs For Acne, Allergies, Anemia, Arthritis
    • Lecture 17: Herbs For Back And Disc Problems, Cancer, Cat Flu, Constipation, Coughing, Dental Disease, Diabetes
    • Lecture 18: Herbs For Diarrhea, Ear Infections/Ear Mites, Epilepsy, Eye Disorders, Fever, Hairballs
    • Lecture 19: Herbs For Heart Disease, Hot Spots, Cushings Disease, Hyperthyroid, Hypothyroid, Kidney Disease
    • Lecture 20: Herbs For Liver Disease, Lumps And Bumps, Noise Anxiety, Pancreatitis, Ringworm, Senility
    • Lecture 21: Herbs For Spraying, Urinary Tract Infections, Vestibular Disease, Vomiting, Worms, Wounds
    • Lecture 22: Herbal Demonstrations - Poultice, Eye Infections
    • Lecture 23: Herbal Demonstrations - Skin Cream, Herbal Health Tonic, Ear Infection Treatment

    Section 4

    Healing With Homeopathy

    • Lecture 24: Healing With Homeopathy Introduction
    • Lecture 25: What Is Homeopathy, And How Can It Work
    • Lecture 26: Starting With Homeopathy For The Pet Owner, Precautions In Handling Homeopathics
    • Lecture 27: Common Homeopathic Remedies
    • Lecture 28: Homeopathic Remedies For Abscess/Bite Wounds, Allergies, Anemia, Arthritis, Back And Disc, Bloat, Cancer, Cat Flu, Coughing
    • Lecture 29: Homeopathic Remedies For Dental Disease, Diarrhea, Ear Infections, Epilepsy, Eye Disorders, Fever, Heart Disease, Hot Spots
    • Lecture 30: Homeopathic Remedies For Cushings Disease, Hyperthyroid, Hypothyroid, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Lumps And Bumps, Anxiety
    • Lecture 31: Homeopathic Remedies For Pad Cracks, Paw Problems, Pancreatitis, Poisoning, Senility, Spraying, Urinary Infections, Vestibular Disease, Vomiting
    • Lecture 32: Administering Homeopathy - Video Examples

    Section 5

    Healing With Acupressure

    • Lecture 33: Healing With Acupressure Introduction
    • Lecture 34: What Is Acupressure, Introduction To Chinese Medicine, Acupressure Points
    • Lecture 35: Step By Step Acupressure Treatment
    • Lecture 36: Acupressure Demonstration: What To Do First, Ears, Head, Spine
    • Lecture 37: Specific Acupressure Points
    • Lecture 38: Acupressure For Shoulder, Elbow
    • Lecture 39: Acupressure For Hips And Knee, Palm Acupressure
    • Lecture 40: Acupressure For Anxiety, Ying Tang, Ear Tips, Lower Back, Bai Hui
    • Lecture 41: Acupressure For Lick Granuloma, Immune System, Vision

    Section 6

    Healing with Massage

    • Lecture 42: Healing With Massage Introduction
    • Lecture 43: What Is Therapeutic Massage, Benefits Of Massage
    • Lecture 44: Basic Massage Techniques: Effleurage, Compression, Sweating, Percussion, Kneading, Petrissage, Cross Fiber Friction, Direct Palpation
    • Lecture 45: Massage For Specific Problem Areas - Head, Neck
    • Lecture 46: Massage For Specific Problem Areas - Spine, Back, Shoulder
    • Lecture 47: Massage For Specific Problem Areas - Elbow, Hip
    • Lecture 48: Massage For Specific Problem Areas - Knee, Chest, Abdomen, And Closing Strokes

    Section 7

    Pet Food and Nutraceuticals

    • Lecture 49: Pet Food And Nutraceuticals Introduction
    • Lecture 50: Problems With Commercial Food
    • Lecture 51: Reading Pet Food Label, Ingredients To Avoid
    • Lecture 52: What Makes A Good Pet Food, Guidelines, Advised Pet Food List
    • Lecture 53: Home Diets Intro, Balancing Home Diets
    • Lecture 54: Sample Home Diets - Fish/Sweet Potato, Cat Diet, Cancer Diet
    • Lecture 55: Demonstration - Making The Cancer Diet At Home
    • Lecture 56: Raw Food, Health Benefits, Safety
    • Lecture 57: Feeding Raw To Dogs, Feeding Raw To Cats, Balanced Raw Diet, How Much To Feed
    • Lecture 58: Demonstration - Making A Raw Diet At Home
    • Lecture 59: Nutraceuticals/Supplements, Why Are They Needed
    • Lecture 60: Most Important Supplements
    • Lecture 61: Supplements For Specific Health Concerns

    Section 8

    Dog and Cat Diseases with At-Home Remedies

    • Lecture 62: Dog And Cat Diseases With At Home Remedies Introduction
    • Lecture 63: Abscess And Bite Wounds
    • Lecture 64: Acne
    • Lecture 65: Allergies Part 1
    • Lecture 66: Allergies Part 2
    • Lecture 67: Anal Gland Problems
    • Lecture 68: Anemia
    • Lecture 69: Arthritis Part 1
    • Lecture 70: Arthritis Part 2
    • Lecture 71: Arthritis Part 3
    • Lecture 72: Back And Disc Disease
    • Lecture 73: Bladder Control Problems
    • Lecture 74: Bloat
    • Lecture 75: Cancer Part 1
    • Lecture 76: Cancer Part 2
    • Lecture 77: Car Sickness
    • Lecture 78: Cat Flu
    • Lecture 79: Constipation
    • Lecture 80: Coughing
    • Lecture 81: CPR
    • Lecture 82: Dental Disease
    • Lecture 83: Diabetes
    • Lecture 84: Diarrhea
    • Lecture 85: Ear Infections Part 1
    • Lecture 86: Ear Infections Part 2
    • Lecture 87: Epilepsy
    • Lecture 88: Eye Disorders
    • Lecture 89: Fever
    • Lecture 90: Fleas
    • Lecture 91: Fur Loss And Shedding
    • Lecture 92: Hairballs
    • Lecture 93: Heart Problems
    • Lecture 94: Hot Spots
    • Lecture 95: Hyperadrenocorticism
    • Lecture 96: Hyperthyroid Disease
    • Lecture 97: Hypothyroid Disease
    • Lecture 98: Kidney Disease
    • Lecture 99: Liver Disease Part 1
    • Lecture 100: Liver Disease Part 2
    • Lecture 101: Lumps And Bumps
    • Lecture 102: Mange
    • Lecture 103: Noise Anxiety
    • Lecture 104: Pad Cracks And Paw Problems
    • Lecture 105: Pancreatitis Part 1
    • Lecture 106: Pancreatitis Part 2
    • Lecture 107: Poisoning Part 1
    • Lecture 108: Poisoning Part 2
    • Lecture 109: Ringworm
    • Lecture 110: Senility
    • Lecture 111: Spraying
    • Lecture 112: Ticks
    • Lecture 113: Urinary Tract Infections Part 1
    • Lecture 114: Urinary Tract Infections Part 2
    • Lecture 115: Vestibular Disease
    • Lecture 116: Vomiting Part 1
    • Lecture 117: Vomiting Part 2
    • Lecture 118: Worms
    • Lecture 119: Wounds And Lacerations

    You will be given access to the exclusive Course website (where you will be able to download/view your lecture videos), take your Section quizzes, and download additional materials.

    Course comes with the following 3 FREE Bonuses:

    • Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition (Dr. Jones' 500+ page Pet Health Manual, e-Book format)
    • Pet First Aid Secrets: Dog and Cat First Aid Manual (Dr. Jones' 275 page Pet First Aid Manual, e-Book format)
    • Home Recipes for Dogs and Cats (Dr. Jones' dog and cat recipe book with 40+ recipes, e-Book format)


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