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Dr. Jones' Ultimate Canine Advanced Plus Health Formula (30 Day Supply)

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I'm glad I found this! Review by Rachel
I got Tanner 3 years ago. I've gone through the fresh food companies, and have used up all of the discounts. Other supplements are so unaffordable. I am not wealthy, and this supplement makes it so I can feed a raw/fresh diet safely to Tanner. This supplement has helped him have healthier stools, and regrow his hair. I like that there's no fillers, and at $39 a jar that's cheaper than the supplements I can find at the pet store. Thank you Dr. Jones for all of your insight and helping be a better pet owner. I know Tanner will have many healthy years thanks to you! (Posted on 7/4/2023)
I always tell them it’s a miracle powder I give her... Review by Wendy
I just wanted to say thank you and share with you a picture of my lab Maggie who turned 15 today. I have been giving her your canine supplement for many years now and when people ask me what keeps her looking so young and healthy I always tell them it’s a miracle powder I give her. I do stand by your product 100%. I also know that feeding her a raw diet and giving her plenty of exercise daily has also contributed to her long life.

Thanks for everything you do for pet owners and their furry loved ones (Posted on 3/1/2023)
Hopefully even better than the Ultimate! Review by Wesley
I've just started my 13 year old Yellow Lab Buster on the Advanced after seeing a huge difference in the way he was feeling and acting after the first month of giving the Ultimate to him. He has a few tumors and it seems the size of them are decreasing somewhat. I noticed a big change in his mobility from one month ago. I'm praying the Advanced Formula will do nothing but improve his condition even more! I will be back to report more on this in 30 more days! Thank you Doc for your advice and assistance! (Posted on 9/26/2022)
Healed quickly! Review by Lisa
My dog, George, had partial ACL tears on both legs at different times. The first time, with rest, it would begin to heal and then he would reinjure the knee. Once I found this supplement, he healed quickly. The second tear healed right away too. He has had no other issues, is strong and can run his heart out. I know their digestion is so much better as well.

Thanks for all your company does for pets! (Posted on 10/12/2021)
Amazed at the turn around in my Boxador in 4 days... Review by Hannah
I am amazed at the turn around in my Boxador in 4 days. Didn't even know that he needed all the benefits.

I ordered one jar to help with the normal dietary lack from his kibble.

In 4 days his coat became radiant. He has the third eye lid as boxer do. Usually red not anymore, the sclera is white. Lots and lots of allergy related eye drainage, gone. His eyes are so bright and clear. Heavy breaths and snorting in sleep, gone. I had to check him when sleeping because he was so quite. General body inflammation, which I didn't even know it was there until it is was gone, gone in 4 days. Not to mention he loves the taste of it.

Many thanks!!! I have a limited income so I am hoping to be able to afford to keep giving it to him. The results are definitely worth it!!! (Posted on 6/25/2020)
Helping with cancer Review by Rephia
My boy, Banjo, has been given 3-6 months to live twice by the vet in the last 4 1/2 years due to aggressive anal cancer. My vet is amazed that he continues to appear as though nothing is wrong with him, other than straining to poop because the cancer is pushing downward on his opening. I have had Banjo & my other dogs on the regular supplement since 2015 and switched to the advanced when it became available due to the cancer fighting ingredients. Banjo has been on chemo for a year as well, but I believe this supplement has helped him tremendously. My dogs rarely go to the vet. Banjo is 11 and one of my cocker spaniels lived until a month shy of 16 years. Molly is 9 and was rescued when she was 1. Thank you Dr. Jones for helping me to keep my babies healthy. (Posted on 9/24/2019)
Stopped Itching Ears Review by Barb
Have UC Advanced, I could swear my dogs vision is clearing after 3 weeks, she also has more energy and her ears have stopped itching! Love it! (Posted on 3/19/2019)
Many positive changes! Review by Karen
I just want to say that my 12 year old Maltese/ Shitzu Cross has been on your Canine formula for just over 1 month and both my husband and I see the following positive changes:

She has more energy
Brighter eyes
Less scratching of her ears
Less biting of her paws
Improved appetite

Appears brighter and less depressed (behaviour change that I cannot articulate clearly but a noticeable change).

I am thankful I was told to look you up and that I decided to try your Canine formula. (Posted on 1/27/2019)
Very effective after 1 jar Review by Michel
I was a little skeptical of some of the claims but I still wanted to give Sam (30 lbs terrier) something extra as he's been raw fed since adopting him 4 years ago. He's now going on ten and prior to the supplement he was very energetic just as we got him 4 years ago, so I thought. I got the supplement and gave it as instructed and now after the 1st jar is finished and just barely started the second, it's as if I have a 4 or 5 year old dog in the house. He's full of energy and is always bring a toy to play (I work from home). People in the street can't believe he's 10 years old as he acts and looks like a puppy or very young dog. Love the supplement and plan on getting more. (Posted on 10/25/2018)
Fatty Adenomas reducing in size Review by Sarah
My 10 year old golden retriever had three very large fatty adenomas. One is almost gone now, and the other two are about one half in size after two months of using the Ultimate Canine Advanced health formula for two months. She loves the taste of it, and will even lick it right off my fingers. She was going to need surgery to remove the one on her front right leg especially. We can avoid an unnecessary surgery for her thanks to your product. (Posted on 10/9/2018)

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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