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Dr. Jones' Ultimate CBD Formula for Dogs and Cats (900mg)

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Relieved some of My Bella Girl's stomatis symptoms Review by Jennifer
This past January 2023, I started noticing that my 16-year-old cat, Bella, was experiencing some brown mucus coming out of her mouth. We took her to the vet. Vet prescribed antibiotics and gabapentin for pain. The antibiotics worked. She is not showing any more signs of infection within her mouth. However, she is still consistently the vet attempted to see inside of Bella's mouth, but Bella was it scared and would not let the vet or the vet tech look inside her mouth for diagnosis. We tried twice going to the vet and getting her diagnosis. But ultimately that said that in order to fully diagnose and see what is going on inside of her mouth, she would have to undergo anesthesia and get a full set of X-rays, and have a full mouth cleaning in order to diagnose. She sent us the estimate over email of what this dental procedure / cleaning would cost. With all the items listed that would be needed in order for this procedure to work smoothly, we would have to come up with $1,000 to $1,500.

My husband and I do not have $1,000 that we can just show out the moment the procedure is done. Because at this particular vet, payment is due when services are rendered. We tried raising funds, and we tried contacting a few organizations that could possibly help us with the cost of the dental procedure. With no success.

One night, I decided to randomly search YouTube "feline stomatitis", as my husband and I were trying to Google other possible conditions that aligned with our cat's symptoms. We learned a lot about stomatitis and cats. And we were pretty sure that our cat was fitting all of the symptoms. However, once again, in order for the vet to confirm this diagnosis, we would have to pay to have her put under anesthesia. So that is when I'm randomly went to YouTube and did a Google search. That is when Dr Jones's video on stomatitis popped up! We bought the small bottle of CBD oil, as he recommended that the CBD oil would help with inflammation. I was so relieved that there could be an alternative option to what my cat Bella was going through! My husband has been putting the drops in her wet pack day, because trying to look inside of her mouth or rub anything on her tooth is a nightmare for both my husband and our cat. So, we noticed that her inflammation, drooling and bleeding of the mouth had really improved by the second day of giving it to her twice a day! He also noticed that her attitude had improved, and she was not lethargic anymore due to the gabapentin. So at the moment, we give her wet food, pate and put two CBD drops in each meal and mix it up. The gabapentin was really making her look miserable and sleep all day, which really worried me. She still is drooling, and has trouble eating still. However we are just happy that there is some improvement for right now. I'm looking to purchase the other alternative remedies Dr Jones suggested in the stomitis YouTube video. And after I am done here, I am buying another bottle of the CBD oil. :-) (Posted on 4/29/2023)

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