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Dr. Jones' Ultimate Feline Health Formula Economy Size (180 Day Supply)

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Customer Reviews

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Too many factors determine how much and what supplementation to use. Review by Esme
I mistakenly thought that this Ultimate Feline supplement was a complete pre-mix that would provide the correct amount of nutrition needed in homemade cat food, and that the amount of this powder to use would simply be a set amount per day based solely on each cat's weight. - until I started looking at different recipes not only by Dr. Jones, but also many recipes at various cat nutrition sites.
I learned that the Balance It cat nutrition site provides numerous recipes and that the types of supplements (they sell 3 types) and amounts vary depending on the specific foods and amounts in each recipe; and each recipe is based on the weight and condition of each cat. .
Therefore, one cannot simply decide to give x amount of Ultimate Feline to their cat each day and expect their cat to receive the complete or appropriate amount of nutrition regardless of their individual diets and meals.
Even some of Dr. Jones' recipes call for certain supplements (e.g. calcium, taurine, flax seed...) in addition to the Ultimate Feline powder. Most of his recipes do not include any added water, so I'm assuming that those recipes are only for occasional use, not regular use because cats don't drink enough water to compensate for what is missing in their foods. All other recipes that I've seen elsewhere call for added water.

Further, commercial cat foods already contain supplements, and each brand as well as each variety of that brand has different supplements. So unless one is a nutritionist one wouldn't know how much of Ultimate Feline has too much of certain ingredients when combined with the already supplemented foods. A couple examples are calcium and Vitamin A - too much can harm a cat as well as too little can. So giving the Ultimate Feline is pretty much a hit or miss.
Since I bought the largest tub of Ultimate Feline powder I will give some of it to my cats now and then, but honestly I don't know how much is ideal, and there are too many variables in most cats' diets. Some of these are that commercial pet food formulae often change; cats might eat different brands and different types, and different flavors (ingredients); cats can be very picky so their human might change their foods frequently just to get them to eat, especially underweight cats that can't afford to skip meals..
.It's just too confusing. So although there are some great ingredients in the Ultimate Feline powder, I can't find the answers to how much to give my cats when, and when individual supplements (e.g. calcium or taurine, etc.) are needed in addition to the UF powder. (Posted on 5/28/2024)
Awesome supplement Review by Ceci
I rescued 5 female cats througout 13 years which are now spayed and very healthy because of Dr. Jones supplement. The 2 14 year old cats really love the powder. Their overall health has improved especially combining wirh Dr. Jones cbd. All of the cats and i are grateful for helping provide them with the best life ever. Thank you Dt. Jones for all your knowledge and less harmful remedies (Posted on 5/27/2024)
Excellent! Review by Christine
I have four senior cats aged 12, 16, 17 and 18. Three of the four take this multivitamin in their food (the fourth kitty is sensitive to chicken so he can't have it). My cats that eat this absolutely love it. As a matter of fact, it seems they like their food better with this in it. I'm thankful because I like giving them an extra boost of vitamins at their age, plus things to support their gut and joints. Since started over 3 months ago, they're more active, and their recent blood work came back favorable with their elevated kidney values holding steady. Thank you Dr. Jones! (Posted on 4/23/2024)
The best! Review by Eman
My sweet girl absolutely loves this stuff, and I love that she’s getting all the nutrients she needs to stay healthy and strong. (Posted on 2/3/2024)
Great product Review by Estella
I bought the 30 day promotional size for my adopted stray cat Mamma Kitty,(Now a house Cat for 5 years) I have no idea how old she is but I noticed her limping a bit after waking up in the morning. This supplement has helped so much, in 30 days she's limping no more & she's gotten a burst of energy. I'm re ordering the big jar this time. Thank you Dr Jones for a great product. (Posted on 12/14/2023)
Thank you Review by CMB79
Thank you for all you do… love this supplement for my kitties. One is a newly diagnosed diabetic, and has a nasty ear infection so this supplement was desperately needed. (Posted on 11/29/2023)

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