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Dr. Jones' Ultimate Canine Health Formula Economy Size (Original Formula, 90 Day Supply)

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Customer Reviews

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My dog improved Review by Deborah
I have 4 dogs. Jordie is 7 years old with hip dysplasia and arthritis. He has been given daily medications prescribed by the Vet. I also tried nzymes for awhile with no improvement. One day I found Dr. Jones and I decided to try his supplement. I am pleased to say there has been quite a change in Jordie since he has been getting this supplement. He has more energy and plays with the other dogs more than he did, he also seems to be brighter. One big change,Jordie has been kept from going down the stairs as they are difficult for him to get back up. He snuck down them the other day and I have never seen him go up the stairs as fast as he did in many years. Jordie was the main concern for the supplement now all the dogs will be given it to keep them doing well. I mix it in no fat yogurt which they love and for a real treat once in awhile cottage cheese. I completely recommend this supplement as I have seen positive results with Jordie. I won't stop giving this to my dogs. (Posted on 12/30/2019)
Wonderful supplement Review by Lisa
I just want to say how wonderful your supplements are. My 15-year-old Australian Shepherd had torn her ACL. This was about a year and a half ago. No surgery, bed rest and laser treatments. She was doing good but now she is doing great. She actually sat up for me on her own which she has not done in a long time. I can really tell she is feeling a lot better. Thank you for a great product. (Posted on 7/25/2019)
Life prolonger ??!! Review by Anne
I have 2 black labs. The mom, Mali, is now 16.5 yrs old and her pup, Tux, is 14. They have to deal with back pain due to osteoarthritis which, in the case of the female (sacro-lombaire), is causing pressure on the back nerves and she needed help. The "pup" is having somewhat the same problem but in the middle of the back and one shoulder. Mali was having a very hard time to walk. Of course, at their age, the supplement alone is not enough, but it brings so many vitamins and good stuff, that both my dogs walk ok, Tux much better than his mom. I really recommend this product. It's good for the immune system also since I don't vaccinate my dogs since 2010. In order to help people with "really" old dogs such as mine, I give also Procosa (Usana) 1co per meal (2 meals a day) for both dogs (regenerates cartilage), Gingko-PS (Usana) 1/2co per meal for Mali and only the morning for Tux (allows better blood flow to the extremities, including the brain). I add 2,000 mg/meal of SuperOmega-3 (Naturiste) for each dog and 1 capsule/meal of GriffeMobile (Naturiste) for each dog (anti-inflammatory) and I don't give the plastic cover but only the powder. Mali having a chronic colitis, I have to give her 1 envelop of VSL#3 every morning + Metamucil 1/2 tea spoon, in order to help her deliver solid stool. As I said, I give more, because DrJones' supplement is not enough for very old dogs and... I got aware of the product very late in their life. Comes a day when even the best of the best will have to quit and become compassionate because when the back legs muscle tone starts to decline... even with the wheel chair that we have (not used yet), there will come a time when enough will be enough for Mali especially. But for now, she remains the one I still call my TANK of a dog: old, yes, but happy, alert, hungry, enthusiastic to go out and take short walks, understands the team work required to lift her up when lying down on a slippery surface (wooden or ceramic floor) + make sure she has her footing and then there she walks. They don't hear well, eyesight is better than hearing even if in the dark Mali hesitates (Tux does not yet). She is always happy to go to hydrotherapy sessions every 2 weeks and that helps a lot too. Thanks for this supplement, it helps my dogs being comfortable enough to want to enjoy life as their pace, but enjoy it just the same. (Posted on 2/10/2019)
Our experience with Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Canine Health Formula Review by Darlene
Just want to tell you about our experience with Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Canine Health Formula.

Our 13-year-old miniature female Dachshund was having a lot of pain and stiffness in one of her front legs. She would limp badly and even come to me crying in pain. I had been giving her some other canine joint supplement and a prescription pain medication, but it wasn’t helping. I found Dr. Jones’ formula in the back of a kitchen cabinet - forgot I had it - and started giving it to her with a scrambled egg every morning.

Within a week, she stopped limping and had not whined in pain at all! What a blessing, no more prescription meds that don’t help! Thank you, Dr. Jones. (Posted on 1/29/2019)
Off of Apoquel! Review by Corgi Mom
My 9.5 year old Corgi has been on Apoquel for about 1.5 years. Any time I tried to cut back his dose, he itched like crazy. I tried Dr Jones' canine health formula, and after one week, I could cut his dose of apoquel in half. After the 2nd week, I eliminated it entirely! I am so pleased with the results, and so grateful I no longer have to give him an immuno-surpressant drug. As an added bonus, my dog's coat, which was already soft and shiny, is even more soft and shiny. I'm thrilled! (Posted on 2/21/2018)
Amazing difference Review by Wizard
My 12 year old, 150 pound Rottie/Mastiff mix was having a hard time getting up from a sitting position. Once he was up he was obviously stiff and feeling the effects of his arthritis and hip dysplasia. I got the trial amount of Ultimate Canine because I'll try anything once to see if it helps this big guy get around easier. I was amazed to see that it made such a huge improvement in his ability to get up and walk! I used to joke that he did a good impression of an old man shuffle, but no more! (Posted on 9/11/2015)

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