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Dr. Jones' Ultimate Feline Health Formula (30 Day Supply) Zoom

Dr. Jones' Ultimate Feline Health Formula (30 Day Supply)

Dr. Jones' Ultimate Feline Health Formula is a Complete, All-Natural Nutritional Health Supplement for cats. The formula is in powder format, and each jar contains 30 doses (one month's supply - 84 grams).

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    Dr. Jones' Ultimate Feline Health Formula is a Complete, All-Natural Nutritional Health Supplement for cats.

    With our Auto-ship plan, you'll automatically be shipped a jar of Ultimate Feline on the schedule you choose (every month, or every second or every third month). Choose your schedule above. You can cancel your plan any time, either directly within your Customer Account, or by contacting support.

    Dr. Jones' Ultimate Feline can help your cat with many different health issues. Ultimate Feline can:

    • Alleviate Recurrent Episodes of Diarrhea and/or Vomiting
    • Relieve Limping or Lameness
    • Help with Repeated Bladder Infections
    • Increase Energy - help your Cat if Withdrawn and Sleeping Longer
    • Lower Excessive Intestinal Gas and Relieve Upset Stomach
    • Delay and help many of the common symptoms of an aging cat
    • Improve Slow, Stiff, or Awkward Movements
    • Boost an Ineffective or Weakened Immune System
    • Decrease Chronic Itching and Scratching
    • Help Prevent Recurring Ear Infections
    • Help if your Cat has difficulty Jumping up or Walking
    • May Improve Cataracts or Watery Eyes
    • Improve your Cat's Coat and Skin
    • Lower Arthritic Pain and Inflammation
    • Reduce the Risk of Allergies
    • Decrease incidence of age related diseases
    • Lessen Shedding and Hair Loss
    • Aid with Feline Obesity
    • Lessen the occurrence of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
    • Is Safe with and may help cats with Chronic Renal Failure

    Dr. Jones' Ultimate Feline Health Formula is a powder, and the regular jar contains 30 doses (one month's supply - 84 grams).


    Ultimate Feline Ingredients

    Calcium (as carbonate) 37mg
    Magnesium (as oxide) 3.9mg
    Zinc (as citrate) 3.9mg
    Selenium (sodium selenite) 8mcg
    Manganese (as amino acid chelate) 0.01mg
    Iron (amino acid chelate) 0.6mg
    Copper (as amino acid chelate) 0.08mg
    Iodine (as potassium iodide) 0.01mg
    Molybdenum (as amino acid chelate) 0.005mg
    Montmorillonite (micro mineral blend) 39mcg

    Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) 312IU
    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 16mg
    Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) 8mg
    Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) 55IU
    Vitamin K (phytonadione) 50mcg
    Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 0.16mg
    Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 0.08mg
    Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 8mcg
    Biotin 0.08mg
    Folic Acid 1mg
    Niacin (niacinimide) 0.16mg
    Pantothenic Acid 0.94mg
    Thiamin 0.3mg

    • Glucosamine HC l
    • Chondroitin Sulfate
    • MSM (methylsulfonyl methane)

    • Fructooligosaccharides
    • L. acidophilus
    • L. Bifidum
    • B. Longum
    • L. Rhamnosus
    • S. Thermophilus
    • B. Brevis
    • L. Bulgaricus

    • l-lysine
    • l-methionine
    • l-arginine
    • l-taurine

    • Bovine colostrum
    • Inositol hexaphosphate
    • Aloe vera (200:1 extract)
    • Maiitake (4:1 extract)

    • Dehydrated Chicken, Dehydrated Chicken Liver, spice (for flavor)
    • Silica (derived from sand - completely non-toxic, used for moisture prevention)

    And that's it!

    There are no fillers or extra ingredients in Dr. Jones' Ultimate Feline Health Formula. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The supplement is naturally preserved with Vitamin E.
    1. Best Supplement Ever!
      Review by Cynthia

      My 8 yr-old cat Jett began to limp, especially after napping, and I realized he needed some extra help. I decided to try Dr. Jones Ultimate Feline Health Formula. Within a few weeks of taking it, Jett walks normally again, with no signs of arthritis. It's a joy to see him stretch out his paws, without freezing or flinching because of pain. I trust Dr. Jones and the wonderful advice he gives for all of us fur-baby parents. He cares about animals and his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise is so appreciated. His supplements are truly the best you can give to your beloved fur-babies. It's worth it to purchase these supplements and, then, see the benefits for your pet so quickly. Thank you Dr. Jones for providing information and products to help us help our fur-babies! Jett thanks you, too!
      (Posted on 2/12/2019)

    2. From Fat Cat wobbles to Cat that jumps
      Review by Maria

      Before this supplement was added to my 15 year old cat Tiger he was getting fat. Who am I kidding he was 28 pounds he was fat he had severe arthritis and was barely walking or moving. Tiger was a little overweight like 28 pounds overweight for a cat . He looked like he was a fat ball with tiny little legs .My full size bed is old and not high off the floor. Tiger would try jumping up on it and dig his claws in to try to lift his fat little butt up and he couldn't he would fall backwards. It was kind of funny but then I thought about it and then it wasn't but it still kind of is LOL . OUR family Vet did give him some expensive supplements and gave him medicine for the pain but I saw nothing that was making him feel better, loose weight or walk ( tiger wobble like a Weeble but don't tell him chat) he still stayed pretty much in one spot unless he had to go and relieve himself or eat. Which bothered me because he really wasn't eating a lot and he is still a little fat cat. Plus I didn't want to give him drugs either so I did some research and found doctor Joneses all natural supplements. I ordered my trail size tried it within the month he started moving up a little bit better. Tiger was now able to at this point jump up to my bed where he had not done so in months.. within a few months he was able to walk around more freely and without pain on throughout the house nine months later he now jumps on top of the couch and just sleeps and takes control of the family room ,he even goes in the backyard, which he has not done in years. Our Husky makes sure he does not go to far. Tiger has lost a little bit of weight down to 22lbs( I'm sure he can lose a little bit more weight I have to change him completely from Kibbles but I'm doing it little by little). All in all so I would say he's definitely more happier now at 15yrs old, than when he was he was 13 or 14 years old. I am now also giving the supplements to my dogs also. Thank you so much Doctor Jones for all your help.
      (Posted on 2/7/2019)

    3. Thank you for the Feline Ultimate Health Formula!!!
      Review by Susan

      It's taken us many years - decades, even - to finally arrive at making our own homemade food for our fur babies from all natural, grain-free ingredients. No more commercial food. People-grade food! Adding your formula to it is wonderful for them! They get all the nutrients they need. They eat smaller portions. After a few months, they're all healthier and happier with thicker, shinier fur. No more itching and scratching. Even the one who seemed to have allergies has gained weight, has more fur and is doing much better now. Plus … much smaller poo and MUCH less of it. (No more grain fillers?) Cleaner litter boxes. Nice sideline benefit!! THANK YOU, Dr. Jones, for this supplement!! Purrfect!
      (Posted on 1/24/2019)

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