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Dr. Jones' Ultimate CBD Formula for Dogs and Cats (300mg)

Dr. Jones' Ultimate CBD Formula is a Full Spectrum CBD supplement in 100% Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil. The supplement is a liquid, in a 5ml (0.17fl oz) bottle, with a small dropper for accurate dosage measurement. There are (approximately) 100 drops per bottle, for a total of 300mg of CBD. Depending on your pet's size, one bottle will last from 2 weeks to 3 months.
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    Dr. Jones' Ultimate CBD Formula for Dogs and Cats: Full Spectrum CBD supplement in 100% Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil.

    Just like us, our pets have a biological and neurological system designed to receive and process nutritional cannabinoids. The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) influences and modulates a variety of body processes including immune response, inflammation, pain, appetite, and mood. The CBD in our formula binds with receptors throughout your pet's body and provides many potential benefits, including:

    • Support and maintain your pet's musculoskeletal system:
      • Anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce swelling in joints
      • May help improve movement and reduce pain
    • Aid in normal brain and nervous system function:
      • Can help reduce duration and frequency of seizures
      • Help maintain brain health and resilience to degeneration
    • Maintain a normal functioning immune system:
      • May help strengthen immune response in a weakened immune system
    • Improve general health and wellness
    • May help with providing improved feelings for dogs and cats:
      • May help relieve stress from anxiety & noise
    • May give relief for pets with stomach upset:
      • Can help reduce nausea, pain, and improve appetite
    • May help with serious disease:
      • Has potential anti-tumor properties
    • Aid for muscle soreness following exercise


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    Dr. Jones' Ultimate CBD Formula for Dogs and Cats Ingredients

    Ingredients (per DROP)

    Cannabidiol (CBD) 3mg

    Organic Hemp Seed Oil 45mg

    The bottle is 5ml (0.17fl oz) in size and contains 300mg of Cannabidiol in total.

    1. Great product
      Review by MARI


      Makes my dog calm thunderstorm, especially here in Florida. Thank you!!
      (Posted on 3/19/2024)

    2. Incredible
      Review by Rachel


      My dog hates riding in the car. She used to carry on crying, shaking, and trying to dig her way out of her crate. I hated seeing her like this. She is a little dog. I gave her the one-drop dose about 30 minutes before getting in the car. She was relaxed and didn't make any noise. I took her on another ride later in the week and followed the same process, and she wasn't stressed at all on the second ride. Thank you so much for making this product. You are a miracle worker.
      (Posted on 12/10/2023)

    3. works!
      Review by Mary


      I have 2 senior cats and it helps them tremendously.

      (Posted on 11/2/2023)

    4. Cbd oil great for cats too
      Review by Jean


      I am reviewing cbd oil for my 2 senior tabby brothers Almondmeal and Pecan pie who suffer with separation anxiety and urinary problems. It helps them to calm down and not want so much attention when I’m trying to concentrate on my own activities. It also helps whenever they don’t urinate enough to open their urethra. It helps to calm them when I need to do some procedures. I do recommend it to others especially when I want to sleep I rub on their ears pretty soon they sleep. Almond takes less Prozac because he has anxiety disorder. It also help my late cat Apple.
      (Posted on 9/5/2023)

    5. We are so blessed for Dr. Andrew Jones!
      Review by Kelly


      What a Godsend you are!! We rescue senior dogs, that many don’t want, to give them a much better ending to their lives! We have 2, 70 lb., 11 year old Rescues. We watch a lot of your videos and read all of your emails!! Thank you so much, for all the holistic information you give! We have had our dogs on your cbd for over a year now. What a help it has been for them, they had pretty bad lives before. I just ordered the Quercetin for them, today, after reading the email. I ordered 10 bottles, because I know we won’t be disappointed. Our dog of 3 years, has had constant ear infections, that we have addressed 4 times at our holistic vet, for a lot of money, with no improvement. I have a hard time getting anything in her ears or cleaning them out. I pray that she finds healing with the Quercetin. I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated!! Thank you so much for all your help in trying to heal our dogs naturally!! It means the world to us!!
      (Posted on 8/16/2023)

    6. Chilled through fireworks!
      Review by Rosanna


      The cbd worked so good for Lilly. She chilled through the firework show. Thank you!
      (Posted on 7/5/2023)

    7. Grateful for the improvement we are seeing!
      Review by Lori


      I just wanted to share how grateful I am about the improvement we are seeing with Dr. Jones' NuLeaf CBD oil.
      We have used other brands but this is giving my Boy the best results.
      Cooper is a 13 & half yr old Corgi with multiple issues. I felt trying this CBD was kind of a last ditch effort... Having used it only a short time I have hope for many more Makin Memories Moments.
      Thank u from the bottom of this grateful Corgi Mom's heart.
      (Posted on 6/14/2023)

      Review by Yuli


      To be honest I’m always lazy when it comes to writing reviews but because this product helped my 1 year old Tabby who suffers from stomatitis I had to write this. I refuse to put my kitty through such intense and traumatic surgery of having all her teeth extracted (what’s a kitty without teeth; defenseless) I’m not doing that to her in any event, good forbids, she runs away ever and needs to defend herself she’ll need her teeth. Anyway, sorry rambling… so after spending hundreds on all kinds of anti inflammatory and natural holistic remedies that do seem to work and others not really and most for a short period of time, this cbd tends to be the best at taking my baby’s pain away.

      How I can tell? Because how she behaves, every-time I add this to her food for breakfast and dinner she tends to be more relaxed and walks around the house with tail up hours later or next day as if she’s a normal happy kitty. This my friends is well deserved of a review and more. I cry when I see my kitty happy even if I have to continue to do all that I do and spend all my money, idc, as long as I see her healthy somewhat since she’ll always deal with this disease, don’t matter to me I’ll continue to put in the effort necessary and more to see her pain free. I hope this review helps other pet parents going through similar experience and refuse to put their babies through surgery yet also hate to see them in pain.

      Try this CBD in combination with CoQ10 100mg from brand NOW- it has hawthorn berry but is totally okay for kitties and you can add half capsule in two different meals, also add BestLife4Pets Oral Health for cats (little white pills smash) added to meals. For severe stomatitis cases like my tabby has I add (Oral Health for cats from BestLife4Pets) 3 for breakfast and another 3 for dinner smashed into a powder form in combination with all the other holistic supplements mentioned above (CoQ10, krill oil, and a prebiotic-probiotic-enzyme supplement or at the very least probiotic alone) including Dr.Jones CBD product as well don’t forget a proper diet and your baby will improve and manage to thrive despite this condition. It won’t go away completely but I promise it’ll help.

      Remember, NO poultry and limit fish to once or twice every two weeks. If feed Salmon, wild caught is always best, OR even better than any fish or fish oil add Dr Jones KRILL OIL to food every other day for inflammation. A anti inflammatory raw and wet diet is best too. I’m speaking from experience as to what has helped my kitty manage this nasty painful condition. I feed her raw rabbit and duck from Smallbatch pets. And freeze dry raw kibbles that can be soften to creamy texture by adding water from a New Zealand brand call Feline Natural, the lamb or lamb and salmon is best for kitties suffering from stomatitis. Remember no poultry! Is humane grade ingredients and species appropriate. When buying any supplements or foods always BE AWARE OF ACTIVE AND INACTIVE INGREDIENTS. For example, buying a probiotic for a cat with stomatitis that has an inactive ingredient of chicken (poultry) flavor is not recommended.

      Finally, THANK YOU Dr. Jones for your integrity and commitment to serving the best and safest and natural products for our furry members. Forever grateful!
      (Posted on 6/7/2023)

    9. Best Product for our Dog
      Review by Jasmine


      Since taking CBD formula our dog has regular sleep pattern!
      He's calm and he has less separation anxiety.
      (Posted on 1/12/2023)

    10. I noticed more agility in older dogs
      Review by Lisa


      Excellent product. I appreciate all that Dr. Jones is doing !!
      (Posted on 10/16/2022)

    11. Helped my senior I'll ShihTzu
      Review by KAROLE


      Ralphie has eye ulcer in both eyes, and quickly became deaf and in pain. After starting the CBD he has stopped crying and is improving as rapidly as he declined. No improvement on the eyes but he's wagging his tail again.
      Thanks Dr Jones
      (Posted on 7/20/2022)

    12. One drop has made a difference
      Review by Jill

      I just wanted to say thank you! It’s been less than 24 hours and my little 18 yr old Cannoli is already doing better. He has Lafora’s disease which causes myoclonic epilepsy. So far the one drop has made a difference.
      (Posted on 5/18/2022)

    13. Very calming
      Review by Allie’s Mom

      Allie acts indestructible when she goes out, so it’s hard to tell if she’s in much pain. I know Dr. Jones’ CBD oil calms her down, and she loves the taste of it. I trust Dr. Jones and am so glad I found him. I got the Ultimate Canine supplement as well. Her allergies are so bad that I can’t tell if it helped or not. I’m trying to find the right diet. Between satiety, allergies, and EXPENSE, it’s hard. Sorry if the review is all over the place. I wish Dr. Jones had more supplements. This coming from someone who rarely ever leaves the house. Thank you, Doc! I appreciate you!!
      (Posted on 2/10/2020)

    14. Off Pain Meds!
      Review by Dee

      Our dog had severe arthritis that we've resolved with Dr. Jones' CBD oil, and she's now off pain meds, so excited and grateful!

      (Posted on 12/4/2019)

    15. Saved my Jack Russell
      Review by Trina

      I want to thank you for saving the life of my 16-year-old Jack Russell. Recently she hurt her back jumping up and the local vet prescribed prednisone. She improved for a day or so but I weaned her off due to nausea and her confusion. She became worse, not able to stand and walk. I had scheduled her for euthanization in a week. The CBD oil arrived and after one day she seemed better. Then 3 days later she is back to her old self. Eating and going outside. Going up and downstairs with no problem! Yay!!
      (Posted on 11/4/2019)

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