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Veterinary Secrets: Natural Health for Dogs and Cats (e-Book)

From the #1 bestselling author and former practicing veterinarian, Andrew Jones DVM, the only resource you'll need to finally start using natural remedies to heal your dogs and cats at home.

This manual draws from Dr Jones’ 17 years’ experience in veterinary medicine to provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to home pet care and disease remedies.

Dr. Jones opens by explaining how he came to question conventional veterinary treatments then began to share his concerns publicly and openly educate pet owners, empowering them to provide their pets with quality, holistic care at home. Eventually, his efforts led to his expulsion from the British Columbia Veterinary College, resulting in a ban from practicing animal medicine.



    Veterinary Secrets: Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

    >>> What to Do Differently to Keep Your Pet Healthy?

    In this book you'll find what you need to know about feeding your pet, vaccines to give and vaccines to avoid, along with specific conventional medications to be wary of. The book offers ways to treat your pet at home with holistic options that can and will likely extend your pet's life.

    Anyone Can Learn about Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Following These Steps:

    • The primary problems contributing to the epidemic of pet disease, and what you can do differently.
    • Dog and cat food: How to choose a quality food, and what you should be feeding
    • When to treat your pet at home, when to seek veterinary care
    • Most important healing techniques that you can immediately use to begin treating your dog or cat
    • How to save thousands of dollars in veterinary fees
    • Comprehensive manual of the dog and cat diseases, with over 1000 safe, natural and effective remedies
    • Step by step instructions to begin healing your pet, avoiding conventional medication side effects

    About the Author

    Dr. Jones earned a doctor of veterinary medicine degree from the University of Saskatchewan and treated thousands of animals over the course of seventeen years. He is the former owner of Nelson Animal Hospital in Nelson, BC. With a focus on nontraditional pet remedies, Dr. Jones has written books and articles on home pet health care and developed a home study course for dog and cat owners. He has also formulated a line of premium nutritional supplements for dogs and cats.

    With over twenty thousand copies of his e-book Veterinary Secrets Revealed sold, it's clear that Dr. Jones is still making a positive impact in the world of veterinary medicine - and in the lives of pets and pet owners around the world.

    Scroll up and grab a copy TODAY.

    This is for the e-Book / downloadable format only. Included are all e-Reader versions of the book (iOS - iPad, etc), Kindle and PDF (PCs/etc).

    1. Very Important Information for Pet Owners
      Review by Mastura


      i love a medical doctor turned into a holistic treatment which inspired me so much. Drugs do more harm than the natural remedies. I have never given kibbles to my cat since i know the truth about the pet food industry. Not only Dr. Jones has highlighted it in this book, there are many other vets have also realized the harmful of the commercial pet food. Please educate yourself and share it with yours friends who have cats and dogs.
      (Posted on 6/12/2024)

    2. Very awesome book
      Review by Jean


      I am forever fantasitned with this book, revealing facts for an average pet owner that no veterinarian would do . The secrets that could help me to cure my cats are mind blowing. I love the fact that simple things right in a pantry or bought online without a veterinary prescription and a big fee that will save more animals. I love to self heal my animals and myself in fact I use some ideas for myself, I made my own recipes. I recommend this book to everyone. It’s the book to keeps in my hard drive. I’m glad Doctor Jones stayed with his ideas didn’t give into governments who prefer money over cures.
      (Posted on 9/12/2023)

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